Rainbow Bridge


Race name: SH Pierre Park
Born: Wednesday April 13, 2016
Passed: Thursday March 14, 2019
Adopter: Benjie & Tonya Lloyd


My First Days of Retirement

This is how I spend the majority of my time at my foster home - really enjoy stretching out and lounging. I am adjusting well to being in a home but am working on some things like stairs (can go up and down but with my long legs - it can challenge me) - it would probably help if I would slow down - am working on that and learning the wait command. I will answer to my name sometimes and I will always run to you if you make that funny kissy sound or whistle.

I have the most beautiful soulful chocolate brown eyes and ears that like to flop in different directions. I am all black except for some white on my feet and the tip of my tail. My foster mom says that I am stunning...

I am a Velcro dog - love to lean on people and like to follow foster mom around the house. I’m doing pretty good with being housebroken but need to work a little harder at stopping my counter surfing habit.

I am doing well with being crated and am learning to go in the crate when told to kennel - I really really like it when I’m told that I’m a good boy!! Gets my tail just a wagging!

Toys are starting to be something fun for me - I also enjoy chasing and running with my Border Collie foster brothers. I think it’s pretty funny to pull toilet paper off the roll😊.

Today I met little people and that went well. We all went on my first walk around the neighborhood- I was a little nervous with all the new things and noises so I stayed real close to foster mom.

Me just being one of the gang!

Dang! It is cold tonight - glad foster mom found me a warm shirt!