Senior Incentives

Abbey was returned at eight because little kids make her uncomfortable.

Adopting an older dog is an act of faith and compassion. Senior greyhounds — typically dogs eight and older — repay their adopters with their gentle ways, devotion and companionship. GPA/N’s Senior Incentives (SI) program actively encourages the adoption of hounds eight and older. It is open to homes with greyhounds adopted through GPA/N. Other adopters require board approval. Here's how it works.

Brody was 10 when his family could no longer keep him.

The $300 adoption fee is waived when current or previous GPA/N adopters adopt greyhounds eight and older after May 27, 2007. First-time GPA/N adopters of dogs eight and older pay $175. SI adopters receive a one-time $150 allotment for veterinary services for their senior greyhounds. To access this benefit, you must first pay your senior's original vet bills, then submit these paid invoices to GPA/N for reimbursement.

Invoices may be submitted as the service occurs or as a group after the $150 limit is reached. The stipend can be used for routine check-ups, medications, lab work, heartworm preventive, etc. Services must be performed at a veterinary clinic.

Send invoices for reimbursement to:
GPA/N, PO Box 1042, Goodlettsville, TN 37070. Include your senior’s name, (both racing and call names) and indicate that you are seeking a SI reimbursement.

The Oshkosh Maximum Fund

When Tim's family broke up and he came to GPAN and we found him a new forever home!

This fund honors a senior hound who crossed the Rainbow Bridge while awaiting adoption. Through this fund, adopters may apply for a one-time grant of up to $500 in financial assistance. OMax grants are intended to help with unexpected or costly non- standard veterinary charges that may be a financial barrier to a senior hound getting needed care.

Koolade was nine when her family decided they didn't have time for her.

They do not cover or underwrite standard care, which is the responsibility of the adopter, including but not limited to immunizations, routine bloodwork, nail trims, physicals or the cost of cremation/disposal. OMax grants are dispersed at the discretion of the board and upon submission of paid receipts.

Each grant request must be submitted separately at No single adopter can request more than half the available dollars in the OMax Fund. For example, if the OMax Fund has $600 available, the maximum that can be awarded to an individual adopter at that time is $300 Questions? Email