Amendment 13 has passed in Florida. Regardless of your personal views on racing, the impact of the vote passing will put tremendous strain on greyhound adoption agencies, who will have minimal time to prepare for the largest influx of greyhounds at one time they have ever undertaken. GPA Nashville must prepare for this possibility and put a plan in place to help move as many greyhounds as we can through the adoption process. To be successful, we need your help to ensure we have sufficient financial, medical and volunteer resources.

  • If you have ever considered adopting or fostering a greyhound, or know someone who may be interested, this is the time!
  • If you can't foster but have the capacity to give financially or fundraise for GPA, this will also help us take on more dogs.
  • If you are, or know, a veterinarian or practice that might have the interest and capacity to partner with us to provide a high volume of vetting that would normally be completed prior to transport, we are looking to establish and develop those relationships.
  • At this time there are only 6 professional haulers in Florida. If you have time and a large vehicle, we may need your help transporting dogs.
  • Be an ambassador for greyhound adoption! Brag about your amazing hounds, advocate for the breed and help us share our story, both in your local communities and online.

We are extremely grateful for your continued support and are committed to stepping up to meet the needs of our retired racers.

Dogs adopted through GPA/Nashville have had the following services:
  • Spay/neuter
  • Dental cleaning*
  • Heartworm testing
  • CBC blood panel testing for anomalies such as tick-born illness
  • Deworming
  • Nail trimming
  • Current rabies and DHPPL vaccinations
  • 3-9 weeks of fostering in the homes of experienced foster families**

Each dog comes with:
  • 6 months of heartworm preventative
  • Microchip for identification
  • Star ID tag with 1-800 number call service
  • Martingale collar and leash
  • Racing muzzle
  • At least a week's worth of dog food
  • Adoption packet containing valuable resources such as coupons and publications that will help you better understand your greyhound's unique needs while also assist you in helping your dog adjust to his new life as a pet
  • Support of the largest greyhound adoption community in Nashville

*Senior dogs that have been returned may not have dental cleaning done if the vet determines anesthesia is risky for the hound.

**%98 of GPA/Nashville dogs have been learning home skills in foster care for 3 weeks or more. Our 15+ years of experience in greyhound adoption has demonstrated that the dogs are best served by moving to their permanent homes when they are ready. This ensures that they form strong emotional bonds with their adoptive families rather than with foster families. However, every dog is different. Those that need more time in foster care get it.

Some Recent Adoptions

Congratulations to Millie who was recently adopted by Ellen

Congratulations to Stella and Bo who were recently adopted by Robb & Elaine

Congratulations to Shelly who was recently adopted by Tyler & Caitlin

Congratulations to Colby and Catch who were recently adopted by Sharon