Foster families of 2018

GPA-Nashville would like to thank all our foster families of 2018. We are grateful for the efforts of ALL our volunteers and fostering is a critical role. So many greyhounds have found happy homes because of the selfless efforts of the foster families. If you will open your home for 3 or 4 weeks to a greyhound even just one time a year, it will make a HUGE difference in so many greyhounds' lives.

If you would like to become a foster family please fill in the online form so that we know to contact you. All the food and medical expenses are paid for. These dogs just need the benefit of your home for a short time.


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Robert Bandstra & Amber Bowers Kb's Maisy, Killer doc228
Andra & Glenn CrandellArtex Triton, Oaks Crazy Corra, Atascocita Genie, Pop a Squat, Fly M Alpina, Turbo Pimrose, PJ Good Karma, Flyin Moneymaker, Hashtag Lexi T, Drunken Cowgirl, KC's Shelly, Hot Turbo, Stingray Midge196
Andrew & Teri WisniewskiDan Gronkowski, Cactus Jack Wild, Hey There Guy, Manfred, PJ Im Sprung, Hot Turbo, AJN Unrest Later185

Our gold level fosters are those that go way way beyond the call of duty. They often open their homes to multiple dogs simultaneously and have had dogs in their homes for over 1/2 of the year (182 days or more).


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Jillian HowellHellfire Dakota168
Amy Buck & Phil HuntAJN Hot Stove, Pop a Squat, Br Zeiss, Par Kane, Ww Metropolitan167
Mardy Fones & Ray WongBr Huckleberry, Cobi's Jetson, AJN Gameboyteddy, Pepper , Hey There Guy, Hillbilly Hunter, Alabaster Beauty157
John PepperOaks Crazy Corra, Killer doc, Flying Throwback, CTW Noorvic, Vail of Ruckus146
Virginia (Ginger) WinfreyKelso's UptoSnuff113
Cara & Nathan Brown Don Trump98

Our silver level fosters are the backbone of our foster system. Many always keep a door open to a foster dog with very few breaks. They have opened their home to foster dogs for over 1/4 of the year (91 days or more).


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Brandy Shedd Barts Hittheroad, Vail of Ruckus, Cobi's Seneka89
Chris & Kimble Bosworth Logan Fire88
Jake Heaser & Darcy Payne Don Trump, Flyin Moneymaker, CT Housewife82
Jeremy & Janet SchusterCry Frio, KB's Philomena, Dan Gronkowski, RC Loner82
Megan & Robert Graham Br Arri82
Susan Allen Broersma Heartbreak Hotel, Turbo Henri, Fly M Alpina81
Keith & Stacey Kuboske WW's Salsa, Killer doc, Barts Big Daddy80
Justin Davidson & Emily HawarahPTL Satin, PJ Im Sprung73
Jennifer & Joe MekoStorman Ross, Flying Throwback, Char Wong, Bo Monkey, CT Housewife71
Liz & Vance Argo Vail of Ruckus, AJN CRT Whitemth70
Cameron & Megan Cowden Hoomanawanui, Arkans Chloe, TK Kayden, Yuma Catch Me69
Christina & Matt Perlick Kelle Nite, Heartbreak Hotel68
Allison McPeak Oaks Crazy Corra, Dan Gronkowski, Killer doc, SE's Fuel Tank, CTW Noorvic, Hillbilly Hunter, Manfred66
Jill & Joel AndreasenCTW Noorvic, Yolo Stylist, PJ Im Sprung, KB's Rudder61
Cindy Matar AJN MissLeePrim, Fly M Alpina, WW Slam Dunk57
Jessica Simmons KB's Yeti Zone, Jn's Pink Floyd, AJN Gameboyteddy54
Greg Klein & Randall RatleyPar Sugar, Thisgirlisonfire, Lionel of Ruckus, Kristen K53
Karla Drischel Canaan Spanky, Atascocita Genie47
Meredith Clapp Pop a Squat, Barts Big Daddy, Hey There Guy46
Sara Montgomery Pop a Squat, WW Slam Dunk, Aleagueofmyown, WW Colby44
Alexander Sherry & Carrie Barlow Pop a Squat, Mohican Livewire, Vail of Ruckus, Braska Matilda40
Stacy AndrickThisgirlisonfire40
Ethan Pritchard & Carrie L Pritchard Flyin Moneymaker, AJN Unrest Today, Coach Martin39
Nathan Wahl & Lisa GordonCobi's Jetson, Rio Just Crusing38
Jenny Negron & Zack YanezCry Frio, AJN MissLeePrim, Magic Verizon38
Matthew & Whitney Ball Winta Jackal37
Craig & Robin Hanloh Par Sugar, Port Hank34
Dr. Brian K Reed & Leah Reed KB's Frisky32
Victoria Pearson KB's Philomena, Pop a Squat, Turbo Pimrose30
Darrell Pitzer & Jan Jn's Pink Floyd, Arkans Chloe, AJN Gameboyteddy, Vail of Ruckus28
Carol MachereyKebo Cutler26
Lauren Czajkowski Manfred25
Steve & Debby CrakerDel Sol Kyle21
Cathy & Bart MorrisVail of Ruckus, KB's Rudder21
Andy & Sarah CheltonTurbo Henri20
Donald & Lisa Davis Alabaster Beauty19
Robert & Lauren Linscott Flying Throwback19
Angela Winnette Drunken Cowgirl, Braska Graffiti18
Brooke Frautschy Nothin Like You18
Baxter Rogers Kb's Maisy17
Phil Kingsley & Michelle ReyzerAnderson Silva, AMF Country Star16
David & Charlene Piatiak Pepper 16
Morgan Wilters Jasmine Guy15
Joyce & Justin Crites Killer doc, PJ Good Karma15
Linda PetakAleagueofmyown14
Terri Hedges & Dave HedgesAJN Mini Cooper14
Keely & Scott Price Braska Matilda14
Sarah Sims Lionel of Ruckus13
David & Jennifer BrinkleyHoomanawanui13
Karen Daus Magic Verizon, So Distinct13
Erin Walker & Dan WalkerWW Slam Dunk13
Chassidy OverstreetKiller doc, PJ Im Sprung12
James & Erica Elizabeth Gurule Par Kane12
Julian Fotre & Russanne Buchi-Fotre AJN Unrest Later11
Sarah & Hal Bouldin Manfred, So Diverse11
Craig & Ashlee Kaye MRK Undercover, Black Oak Freak10
Rachel Adler & Abby KinneyStarry Skies10
Leigh & Chris DrennanBr Zeiss9
Drew Kaczmarski & Erin McCarthy Par Sugar9
Eric & Rachel Jerrell WW Surfboard9
Alison & Brian Warford FGF Butchcassidy8
Jaime Bouldin & Roy SilverHellfire Dakota, AJN MissLeePrim8
Dennis & Janet Williams Fly M Alpina7
Cassandra (Cassie) Bossert CT Housewife7
David & Linda RogersBr Huckleberry6
Robb & Elaine McDowall Bo Monkey, Stella6
Kelly Saine & Alexis Gross RC Loner6
Kala Wiggins & Sonya Thomas PTL Satin6
Sandra & Cullen Merritt Rio Just Crusing5
Lynn & Matthew ReedKristen K1

Our bronze level fosters are essential to the foster program. They usually take 1 or 2 dogs in the year or watch dogs when other fosters travel. Many many dogs would not be placed if not for the efforts of these foster families.

You can find out more about fostering a greyhound please visit the foster information area of our website, fill out our application form or contact us at (

Every year is a new year! The contributions of foster families in 2017 can be found here