Foster families of 2017

GPA-Nashville would like to thank all our foster families of 2017. We are grateful for the efforts of ALL our volunteers and fostering is a critical role. So many greyhounds have found happy homes because of the selfless efforts of the foster families. If you will open your home for 3 or 4 weeks to a greyhound even just one time a year, it will make a HUGE difference in so many greyhounds' lives.

If you would like to become a foster family please fill in the online form so that we know to contact you. All the food and medical expenses are paid for. These dogs just need the benefit of your home for a short time.


Foster FamilyDogsDays

John PepperIt's Charlie, Regall Tyrone, Lewis And Clark, PJ Gear UP, Just Taffy, Deaula Blue Max, Feeling Fast, Ln Durango, KB's Who Said, Kenro Osinniki, PK'S Ultra Way, WW Dreamland, Kb's Maisy, Oaks Crazy Corra, Canaan Spanky, WW Black Friday, Br Huckleberry319
Andra & Glenn CrandellRegall Kelly, Rancho, KB's Turnpike, KB's Who Said, Trackinfo Ming, Decouple This, Kenro Osinniki, Br Arri262
Robert Bandstra & Amber Bowers PJ Gold is Bold, Heza Work of Art, KB's Hutchins, KB's Turnpike, Lita195

Our gold level fosters are those that go way way beyond the call of duty. They often open their homes to multiple dogs simultaneously and have had dogs in their homes for over 1/2 of the year (182 days or more).


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Karla Drischel PJ Gear UP, Heza Work of Art, MV Menemsha, Canaan Spanky180
Jillian HowellSuperior Cobra, Hellfire Dakota148
Brandy Shedd P's Rockfever, Classy Phoenix, Turbo Scapolite, Bruce Irvin, PK'S Ultra Way118
Mardy Fones & Ray WongCoach Elizabeth, PJ Gear UP, M's Lan Wesley, Feeling Fast, Dancin Wicked, Kenro Osinniki, WW Dreamland, Br Huckleberry116
Darrell Pitzer & Jan HCK Helms, Lewis And Clark, Oaks Boa, PG Batman, Turbo Scapolite, PK'S Ultra Way, Sturgess97
Jim & Linda Streberger PG Mel Marvel, Hallo From Cork, Decouple This95

Our silver level fosters are the backbone of our foster system. Many always keep a door open to a foster dog with very few breaks. They have opened their home to foster dogs for over 1/4 of the year (91 days or more).


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Andrew & Teri WisniewskiPar Harp, KB's Hutchins, Kiowa Moving By, Lita, Ww Cyrus89
Glenda & Daryl MurrayLewis And Clark87
Amy Buck & Phil HuntPar Harp, BS Hail, PG Dragon Deon78
Dave & Kathy ThompsonRico's Sheldon75
Sara Montgomery Just My Luck, Spry Warrnambool, AJN Ex Friend71
Allison McPeak C Ville Kellow, Kenro Osinniki, Oaks Crazy Corra67
Jessica Simmons Spice Town65
Chris & Shawna Hodges PJ Gear UP64
Sarah & Todd Norris JS WatchMeWiggle59
Timothy & Elke Shrewsbury Regall Tyrone, Just Taffy, Ln Durango56
Christina & Matt Perlick Kelle Nite54
Nina & Bob ClarkLewis And Clark53
Diane BurgettFeeling Fast, Trackinfo Ming49
Greg Klein & Randall RatleyAJN Maryvilletoo, KJ HilaryClinton, Oaks Crazy Corra48
Justin Davidson & Emily HawarahC Ville Kellow, Kb's Maisy46
Spencer Hall & Ashley Mott Kelle Nite45
Julian Fotre & Russanne Buchi-Fotre Kiowa Moving By41
Barbara & Morry Ellis Ln Durango38
Carter & Michele NewtonOaks Boa, Logan Fire38
Chris & Kimble Bosworth Logan Fire37
Alexander Sherry & Carrie Barlow WW Black Friday35
Rebecca McGrath & Josh HoffmanWindy Lars, PJ Gear UP33
Travis Moore & Bethany WengerShaddix31
Jaime Bouldin & Roy SilverREM's Sunsweet30
Megan & Robert Graham El Treasure, Br Arri30
Diane EagleWinning Emil29
Jeremy & Janet SchusterBarts Good Buy, Blisterin Bakin, WW Black Friday27
Whitney & Caleb Barrett Blazin Bakin27
Keith & Stacey Kuboske (Nemo), Oaks Toby, Br Huckleberry25
Allison & Gilby Ellis KJO Queenann25
Harper Lunn & Evan Davis Astarmschevrolet24
Denise & Steve McCollum Jas Slick Dallas22
Laura Milton LB's Fog Monster, M's Lan Wesley22
Douglas & Kimberly Hough AJN Ex Friend, WW Dreamland21
Aaron & Celia Lerch Kenro Osinniki19
Lora DarbashiPaxton18
Amanda Erwin PD Gingel18
Seth Peckham & Haley Siler Brad Brinkmam18
Pam Stephens Lazy K Monty17
Lisa King Paxton, (Nemo), Lita14
Brandi & Tom ForbesREM's Sunsweet12
Deede & Bobby Melder Jas Slick Dallas11
Sarah & Hal Bouldin WW's Larkspur8
Carol MachereyLogan Fire8
Nicole Melton Decouple This8
David & Linda RogersWW Black Friday7
Erin Walker & Dan WalkerWW's Larkspur6
Kala Wiggins & Sonya Thomas PG Mel Marvel6
Terri Hedges & Dave HedgesPG Mel Marvel5
Addie Case & Amber WilsonKiowa Moving By5
Pam Neiman & Kent Hiday Hallo From Cork4
Charlotte HoltBrad Brinkmam3
Darcie ClemenRico's Sheldon3
Jennifer Wethington China Wendy2
Cameron & Megan Cowden Kenro Osinniki2
Shannon & Bryn Beauchamp El Treasure1

Our bronze level fosters are essential to the foster program. They usually take 1 or 2 dogs in the year or watch dogs when other fosters travel. Many many dogs would not be placed if not for the efforts of these foster families.

You can find out more about fostering a greyhound please visit the foster information area of our website, fill out our application form or contact us at (

Every year is a new year! The contributions of foster families in 2016 can be found here