Foster families of 2019

GPA-Nashville would like to thank all our foster families of 2019. We are grateful for the efforts of ALL our volunteers and fostering is a critical role. So many greyhounds have found happy homes because of the selfless efforts of the foster families. If you will open your home for 3 or 4 weeks to a greyhound even just one time a year, it will make a HUGE difference in so many greyhounds' lives.

If you would like to become a foster family please fill in the online form so that we know to contact you. All the food and medical expenses are paid for. These dogs just need the benefit of your home for a short time.


Foster FamilyDogsDays

Angela Winnette Braska Graffiti, RPG Help Somebody60
Karen Daus WW Joe Montana, SH Pierre Park55
Phil Kingsley & Michelle ReyzerAMF Country Star42
Sophie HarrisAJN Unrest Later39
Matthew & Whitney Ball Winta Jackal, PG My Hero36
Mardy Fones & Ray WongADH Rowdy Rhonda, BL Sweetie Pie31
Chassidy OverstreetPJ Im Sprung, Kristen K, ADH Rowdy Rhonda, BL Sweetie Pie30
Mark Hubbard WW's Blaney Park29
Jenny Negron & Zack YanezPat C Greenlight29
Jillian HowellCBJ Igloo27
Spencer Hall & Ashley Mott Pat C Greenlight, Pat C Bye Bye25
Eric & Grayce Fleet CTW Chunky Monkey23
Greg Klein & Randall RatleyKristen K20
Justin Davidson & Emily HawarahRPG Help Somebody16
Alexander Sherry & Carrie Barlow CBJ Igloo12
Ethan Pritchard & Carrie L Pritchard Coach Martin11
Eric & Rachel Jerrell WW Surfboard10
Jennifer & Joe MekoRPG Help Somebody9
Meredith Clapp Rio Just Crusing9
Craig & Ashlee Kaye MRK Undercover, Black Oak Freak8
John PepperPG My Hero7
Lauren Brooks & John Gregory JS WatchMeWiggle7
Alison & Brian Warford ADH Rowdy Rhonda7
Rachel Adler & Abby KinneyJS WatchMeWiggle6
Jeremy & Janet SchusterGolden Fancy5
Amy Buck & Phil HuntWW's Infallible5
Nathan Wahl & Lisa GordonRio Just Crusing5
Andra & Glenn CrandellAMF Country Star4
Jill & Joel AndreasenKB's Rudder4
Lynn & Matthew ReedKristen K3
Chris & Shawna Hodges Cry Hester2

Our bronze level fosters are essential to the foster program. They usually take 1 or 2 dogs in the year or watch dogs when other fosters travel. Many many dogs would not be placed if not for the efforts of these foster families.

You can find out more about fostering a greyhound please visit the foster information area of our website, fill out our application form or contact us at (

Every year is a new year! The contributions of foster families in 2018 can be found here