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Foster Family

Jeremy & Janet Schuster

Andrew & Teri Wisniewski

Thursday February 17, 2022

Looking for Friend

Manny might be what we call a Velcro dog. He likes to go to parks to walk, follow you to the other room to see if you need his company, be near a person in a dog bed. He is also a curious dog, watching the kids play outside and trying to figure out what other breeds of dogs are. He walks well, no pulling, just slightly distracted at times

Sunday January 23, 2022

Weekend Weird

Greyhounds are weird sometimes but that is why we love them. Manny awkwardly sits sometimes. We also caught him growling at his reflection. It is fun when fosters discover their reflection.

Friday January 21, 2022

Trying Jammies

Manny is a sweet dog with very light hair. It has been cold so we wanted to see if he liked jammies. Nothing cuter than a dog in jammies.

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