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Sunday January 23, 2022

Sunday January 23, 2022

Nice walk

Out on their walk around.

Thursday January 13, 2022

Has been great with our Grandson

He has been great with our Grandson and other guest. Does get excited when someone arrives, but settles very quickly after he gets his pets.

Thursday January 13, 2022

Loves his walks

Greyhound booty!

Tuesday December 14, 2021

Love walks

He walks well on the lead and is always ready for walk.

Tuesday December 14, 2021

Loving his sunny spot

Pedro enjoys lounging. Also likes to see what is going on.

Tuesday December 14, 2021

Chilling on the couch

Pedro is pictured on the left enjoying some couch time with Belle.

Pedro hanging with the guys during the holidays

I don't always sit in his chair, but when i do.... i pose! (And keep the chair warm)

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