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Rebecca Wang
Our dog Hank is Rails' littermate. They look exactly alike.

Foster Family

Zumaya Otaduy

Tuesday May 25, 2021

Rails is such a good boy. I'm proud to say he's gotten better on the leash, he's much more redirectable when he sees other animals! I think Rails would be happiest in a forever home with a yard, or with an active family. He loves being outside and socializing with people and dogs!

Rails is going to make his forever family very happy!

Rails after "borrowing" my black socks. I like to think its his way of saying he always wants a piece of me with him!

Look at those pearly whites!

Saturday May 15, 2021

Photo Dump! (out of order oops)

Rails loves a good belly rub!

Every day, Rails personality shines through a little more. He's curious, outgoing, and a happy pup! My favorite quirk of his are the little hops he does when you bring his food out, or the small trot he does after he pees.

Rails face when you stop giving him attention

Rails after hearing that he's not allowed on the bed! He sometimes tries to get on the furniture for cuddles, but is redirectable and will get off without giving attitude. He sometimes still sneaks on when you're not looking, like he did here. Rails is a cuddle bug and will want to snuggle up with you whenever you allow it!!

This handsome guy got neutured and is adjusting to wearing his cone. He freaked out then froze for a while after I put it on, but adjusted after that! He definitely doesn't like it, but will tolerate it without issue now. Rails has never growled or gotten snippy with things he doesn't like!

Nap buddies

Thursday May 6, 2021

Hounding Around

You'll never be alone with Rails at home! Rails loves seeing what your up to, whether you're using the bathroom or making food in the kitchen. He loves attention from anyone and everyone! 10/10 cuddly boi

I'm really proud of how Rails is doing on the stairs! He's got it all figured out now and goes up and down with no problems.

On walks, Rails is a perfect gentleman... until he sees a squirrel or cat or another dog he wants to meet! He's getting better at being redirected, he just needs more time and patience to get the hang of it. He does sometimes require a strong arm though.

I haven't been crating him when I leave the house, but I do leave him and his foster brother Zorro in the living room. They do well by themselves together!

Rails is definitely a counter surfer and will use his height to his advantage to swipe things off the table or counter he'd like to eat! He also sometimes likes to hoard clothes or shoes. He doesn't chew or tear them, but if given the chance he'll take clothes from my hamper to his bed for cuddles. When I'm home I keep a close eye, and when I'm not I definitely have to make sure there's nothing in the living room that could tempt him!

Zorro and Rails are best friends!

Did the treat bag just open?

Tuesday April 20, 2021

Rails first day

Rails is a sweetheart! He was a little bit nervous at first and whines to show it, but was easily calmed with some ear scratches and encouraging words. He's definitely curious about the world around him! Poor guy tried to walk through the TV like 5 times haha. He's settling in nicely with his foster brother and loves being told what a good boy he is!

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