401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Ashley Volk

Friday February 5, 2021

Abby has slowly but surely been getting accustomed to home life. She still enjoys relaxing on her bed, in her kennel, but is starting to come out of her and venture around the house. Her favorite move is finding an random object she can grab and putting it in her kennel. This has included a dog brush, shoe inserts, and most preferably toys. She doesn’t chew fortunately, the silly girl just likes laying with them. It’s been a fun time seeing her come out of her shell!

Tuesday January 26, 2021

Abby has been getting used to a whole new life. While she does like to keep to her kennel for now, we did enjoy a nice walk where she came upon some chickens and got to experience many new smells and sounds. She did great for her first walk, but we later realized she doesn’t like the rainy ones as much, but neither do we! Potty training hasn’t been an issue fortunately, she’s been doing great!

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