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Teron Butler

Thursday February 4, 2021

All The Toys

“If it’s soft and it squeaks...it’s mine! I’m sure my friends won’t mind me taking all the toys with me to my new home ;-)”

“This one is my favorite”

Thursday February 4, 2021

Week with New Friends

Love, who I have affectionately been calling Momma Love because of the litters she has had, spent the week with her new greyt friends Benni (GPA Rescue) and JoJo. Who ever snatches this little lady up will have hit the jackpot. She is sweet, tolerant, confident, and silly.

Love just wants to be loved and love you. She aims to please and is a good listener. The more you talk to her, the quicker she bonds to you.

Love is very comfortable in her crate, and will voluntarily go in there for her naps. She prefers to sleep and eat in her crate. With that said, if you let her sleep with you, I bet she won’t pass up the offer.

Her silliness comes out when the toys come out. If it is plush and squeaks she is going to find it. With her new friends they played hide and seek with the toys. Love hid the toys in her crate, her friends retrieved them, Love hid them again and this process continued for about 30 minutes on a nightly basis.

Love will make a great addition to any family. Especially with a home that already has greyhounds or other dogs. Don’t let this little lady get away!

Clearly food aggression is not a problem! It was all her idea to eat in the crate with her friend. I tried placing the bowl outside of the crate but she joined him every time.

Sunday January 24, 2021

The Ride Home

As soon as the window rolled down, Love was ready to start the next adventure.

After that long trip and 20 mins of sniffing, she took her first nap.

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