401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Cea Pannell

Thursday January 7, 2021

The sweetest boy...

Sabre is the sweetest and most calm dog I’ve ever met. No chewing or destructive behavior - and he’s quiet as a mouse! He absolutely loves his crate and likes to sleep in all kinds of weird positions. I tried to make it cozy for him but maybe I did too good of a job. He has hardly used his dog bed at all. He’s potty trained and I give him positive affirmation with training treats. He is scared of my hardwood floors but is slowly coming further in a little at a time. He will walk across if I walk him across on his leash. He’s so loving and just wants to be with me all the time. Even if I’m in another room he will keep peeping in just to make sure I’m still there. I learned yesterday that he doesn’t like peanut butter. I’ve never met a dog who doesn’t love peanut butter! He’s just an absolute doll. I’ve had him 2 full days now and I’m enjoying his company so much.

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