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Karen Daus

Wednesday January 27, 2021

Settling In and Loving My New Life!

Crystal has been settling in very well and is trying to learn a lot. She is a sweet gentle tiny girl who reminds me of a little sprite bouncing through the house. She likes to sneak around and collect things....She is very interactive and wants to hang out with people and other dogs. Crystal is always excited to meet new people. She hasn’t met any children yet but that’s in the works....

Crystal could stand to gain a little weight but no worries there as she LOVES her food, treats and peanut butter sandwiches.

Crystal just showing off her pretty petite face❤️

She has learned to kennel on command, is working on her counter surfing, is a great walker on leash. When she gets frightened or unsure of a situation, she trembles but responds to words of reassurance.

She will seek me out for snuggles and likes to hide her nose in my arm and just stand there to be loved on.

One of Crystal’s favorite things to do is to sit and watch for the neighborhood feral cats (which she loves to bark at). She has the muzzle on only because her foster greyhound brothers sometimes scuffle in the yard. She gets along well with all residence dogs except when someone approaches her food.

This is Crystal’s all time favorite thing to do!

Crystal out today for a stroll with one of the residence hounds. She is such a pleasure to walk - stays right by your side - no pulling at all.

Hanging with the boys....

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