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Foster Family

Sara Montgomery

Thursday January 7, 2021

Funny Girl

I’m hard to get a photo of when I’m on the move! I’m a very sweet girl who LOVES food. I get so excited when I can smell any type of FOOD or TREATS! I even tried to get in the kitchen counter a few times but my foster mom tells me I need to work on my manners over the next few weeks :)

I also LOVE people, never met a stranger! Once I get dinner I like to relax especially if someone wants to pet me. I’m going to enjoy retirement.

A rare sitting moment.

My new house has lots of steps to go potty- I got so excited to go outside that I missed a few steps and got a big cut on my leg. I’m ok and healing up now- still working on mastering steps. I’ve been great about not messing with my bandage so I can make sure it heals up before I get to my forever home.

I’m good at sharing....


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