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Virginia (Ginger) Winfrey

Saturday January 9, 2021


Elsa has been in Nashville for almost 4 days. She is a sweet beautiful greyhound. In the beginning of her new life in her foster home she has been a little insecure and shy but she is getting braver as time passes. Elsa has had no "accidents" in the house. She goes up and down steps like a pro and she gets in and out of the car easily. She sleeps in her crate throughout the night and so far she has not counter surfaced. When not hanging out in her crate she has chosen to spend a lot of time lying in a small hallway and often peeking around the corner into the front room. :-)

Beautiful Elsa is thinking about going in her crate.

Elsa picking up her first toy.

She decided to take a couple of toys with her into her crate.

Elsa likes to go outside with her foster sisters. Here she is first in line to go inside.

Elsa standing tall looking beautiful. She has the cutest ears.

Elsa loves toys!

Lots of toys!

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