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Mardy Fones & Ray Wong

Tuesday January 26, 2021

Spring is in the Air

What a great day. Really. It was 75 degrees here and the mud puddles from yesterday have dried up. Never was a mudder - that's what they call a greyhound that races well on a muddy track.

Friday January 22, 2021

Is it spring yet

Okay, so I know it was a bit chilly this afternoon, but a guy's got to get his run in when the sun comes out. I made a couple of quick laps around the yard, just to enjoy the promise of spring. Of course, it's supposed to rain and maybe snow next week, but what can I say.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this pet thing. I'm crating okay and letting everyone sleep until a decent hour. I've IDed the best beds in the house to lay on while I recover from being vetted. I'm even going to meet some potential adopters tomorrow...kind of a dry run for an official home visit. Sure hope they have good treats.

Thursday January 21, 2021

Girl Next Door

Hey Beautiful -

Wanna come over and play?

There's this gorgeous Great Pyrenees/Dalamtian mix next door named Fancy that I'd like to get up close and personal with. She wags her big fluffy tail at me when I stick my nose through the fence and whisper sweet nothings to her. All that long white hair she has and the way she flutters her chocolate brown eyes at me I think we'd make a good match, don't you?

Monday January 18, 2021

Hero Worship

Everybody needs a hero and mine is Tom Cat. Isn't he a handsome dude? Makes me feel right at home to have a guy like this so close.

Sunday January 17, 2021

Mr. Handsome

Ever seen a face like mine? Handsome, huh? And sweet natured, too.

Today I had my first peanut butter kong. Wow! I Mean bowwow. I'd enjoy having those all day every day. I'm a tidge underweight, so I've been getting Satin Balls with my kibble. SB are these hamburger-based uber high calorie homemade yummies. Every hound should be so lucky.

The two-leggeds here have been working with me to teach me the wait command. Way different than the life at the track where it's all about bolting out the door as fast as I can. I'm catching on.

Monday January 4, 2021

Good Bye, Racing

Here I am in my last week of racing at the Palm Beach track. I raced Double A and I was fast. I mean really fast. But those days are over and now I'm learning to be a pet. The steps have been a challenge for sure, but I'm getting the knack of it. I heard next week I'm going to the vet to be tutored. I'm always up for learning new things so I hope the teacher is good.

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