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Tuesday January 5, 2021


Marcie has been collecting one or two of my shoes. She doesn't chew on them, or hurt them. Just wants to keep me close I guess.

Sunday January 3, 2021

Dinner Time

This serious look must mean I should be preparing her dinner.

Sunday December 20, 2020


This destruction started with a little tiny rip. And I knew I should repair it. I didn't, and this was the result. Marcie looked guilty, but didn't admit to having anything to do with the chew fest. At least she didn't eat the foam.

Saturday December 19, 2020


Marcie invited her best friends to spend the night.

Tuesday December 15, 2020

Bedtime story

Lamby is telling Marcie a goodnight story. She doesn't realize that Marcie is already asleep.

Monday November 30, 2020

Yucky Weather

I think she looks really cute. The weather was cold and damp and windy, and the coat helps to keep her warm.

She doesn't look very happy, has to get used to the snood part of the outfit. Any second now she will vigorously shake her head to get the darn thing off her ears.

Monday November 30, 2020

One Week In

I think Marcie is doing very well. But, she isn't perfect... yet! She likes to butt with her snout when she gets excited and I'm working on stopping this behavior. She can go up and down stairs. She will hop in the car, but it helps if I throw a few small treats in first. She loves to go on walks and sniff at everything. She also likes the 4-way stop so she can see all the cars.

She always responds to NO, and most of the time to WAIT.

She is pretty adorable.

Sunday November 29, 2020

Marcie & Stuffy Elephant Roaching

This was the first, and so far only time she roached.

Saturday November 28, 2020


I have tried to calculate how many different ear positions she can accomplish.

Do you think she's looking at me like I'm a real jerk for trying to camouflage her like a bed?

Sunday November 22, 2020

What up?

She is staring out the front window. She wants to learn about her new neighborhood. She's a good girl, but does have a few quirks we will work out... nothing serious.

Saturday November 21, 2020

Time for a nap

Marcie can go from zero to 60 in a heartbeat. This is her zero version. She came to me yesterday so we are just getting to know one another.

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