401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Kate Probasco & Nick Siragusa

Saturday November 28, 2020

Another week full of walks in the neighborhood, long naps, and a lot of scratches. We have been loving taking Sydney out and about --she loves to stay close and people watch. Anyone who meets her talks about how pretty, sweet, and soft she is (trust us -she has the SOFTEST coat). She is a pro in the car now and is such an easy companion.

We traveled home for Thanksgiving and Sydney was the perfect house guest --polite and sweet. She was a champ on several long walks and began to gain confidence going up and down lots of stairs.

She had a blast sniffing around new environments and quickly warms up to people so long as they are giving her scratches. She enjoyed watching everyone stay busy over Thanksgiving and quickly made herself at home with a big nap.

Saturday November 21, 2020

One Week In

Sydney is a very loving girl and has settled immediately settled into our house. She loves to be where the action is, and she likes to be wherever we and/or visitors are in the house. She enjoys riding in the car and lays down well in the back, and she went to her first restaurant this weekend, where she had a great time people watching. She has great manners and has been calm and sweet around other people and animals.

She's been a joy to have and she always keeps us entertained with her quirky personality and funny poses

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