401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Matthew & Whitney Ball

Saturday October 17, 2020

New to Retirement

Hello Nashville friends! I've been retired for 3 weeks! I'm settling in quite well. I do tend to be a bit timid on the first encounter with anyone or anything, but I find being around my favorite people and things to be quite comforting-right now these people/things are my foster mom and dad and my foster brother Fox. I do fine with the resident kitty cats, but have learned that it is probably best for me to admire them from a distance.

Let's see, what would you like to know about me? I don't mind a car ride, but I do need a little help getting up and in for now. No one had to teach me steps, I just instinctively knew how to do them because I'm smart! I don't mind being crated, but have been very well behaved when I have been left outside of my crate briefly when no humans are home. And, I handled my vetting like a champ! The vet said my teeth, once they were polished up to a high shine, were PERFECT!!! I have not had one single accident in the house! I'm especially proud of that one, as my foster mom told me that I am the first foster she has ever had that hasn't had at least one. I'm really going to try hard to keep this record.

What do I like you ask? I've learned I like a soft and comfy bed and maybe a pillow. I don't really know about these toy thingies, an old slipper of my foster mom's does just fine. I love food! and treats! And food! I like ear scritches and make the cutest little grunt when you finally find the right spot.

Sometimes, when it is time for bed, I tuck myself into the crate for the night. I usually sleep right through the night, and don't make a peep until my foster brother starts begging for his breakfast. I will give you a morning kiss and then I am ready for the day! I am always so happy and show you by wagging my tail like a propeller! Can't wait to see what else retirement has t offer! I sure have a lot of love to give!

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