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Sunday September 13, 2020

My puppy is showing

It’s me, Sister, again! I’ve begun to really settle into this home life. My foster mom isn’t sure if I’m just getting really brave or the yummy CBD treats are helping. Either way, I’m really coming out of my shell.

I still LOVE to steal foster mom’s shoes but don’t worry— I don’t actually chew on them. I will, however, sometimes lick or take a bite of the furniture. When I do that I hear a stern “No!” and stop right away. I don’t want to get in trouble!

I’m becoming a pro at walking on the leash and love being outside. Foster mom laughs at me because I have to spin around at least five times before I poop. I have to get just the right spot, right?

I’m still learning personal space so sometimes my foster sister gets onto me. I think I’d do well with a calm brother who doesn’t mind me getting in the way...

Friday September 11, 2020

The many ears of Sister

Sister has the best ears of any hound I’ve seen. They just go every which way and are so adorable.

We’re still working on walking outside so I think Sister would really thrive with a family who had easy access to a big backyard. I have a somewhat long walk to a dog run, and she really enjoys it once we get there.

Sister loves her crate but is getting braver by the day! She’s currently obsessed with collecting my shoes.

Thursday September 10, 2020

One day at a time

Sister continues to make progress at building her confidence. She’s been spending most of her time in her crate but today she was really brave and decided to check out what it’s like hanging with my other hounds. She’s also a hoarder and not quite convinced that toys are a better alternative to cuddling with my shoes.

Sister really loves to be around the resident hounds— perhaps a little too much. She doesn’t yet understand the concept of personal space so she’ll regularly try to walk under them or bump into them while walking. Her future fur sister/brother must be okay with this!

If you look closely, she has the cutest little cow lick starting between her eyes and going down to her snoot.

Sister’s leash skills continue to improve and she now bravely walks the entire way to and from her potty breaks. She’s still very hesitant going out (we have to take breaks) but one day at a time, right?

Tuesday September 8, 2020

Hi, it’s me, Sister!

I’ve been in my foster home for about 24 hours and boy am I learning a lot. My foster mom says my crate is my safe space and I can spend as much time as I’d like in it. I get really scared when it’s time for my potty break so my foster mom has to carry me outside to the designated spot. However this afternoon I got really brave and walked all the way outside— we only needed to take a few breaks while my she was cheering me on. I even got in the elevator! It’s a big world for an 8 month old!

I love walking with my foster siblings. Neon and Kayden are showing me the ropes! I really want a greyhound sibling for myself one day...

I have excellent house manners (no accidents for me ma’am!) and I’m becoming braver by the hour. Sometimes a cat walks by and I look over but I don’t dare go near. Anyway, my foster mom says she’ll post more pictures soon!

Monday September 7, 2020

Sweet little baby girl

Sister is a sweet older puppy who came to us from the farm. She is quite shy and heavily relies on the presence of my resident hounds for confidence. I know she will blossom into a wonderful pet in a home with other greyhounds and patient owners!

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