401(Grey) Investor

Peter and Margaret Mary Morris

Foster Family

Darcie Clemen

Tuesday September 8, 2020

Welcome Ginger!

Hi everyone! Ginger here. At least that's what the people are calling me. Foster Mom and Dad said they're sad they don't know what my previous family called me, but they decided I'm sweet and a little spicy so Ginger fits. I looooove people, my crate, meals and treats, new adventures, and they say I listen well. I prefer nonstop scratches if you're nearby and I'm not afraid to ask for them by nudging your hand. The spicy part comes when I meet other dogs--I give them a little growl and sass. The people still aren't sure if this is just my personality and I'm excited or if it's because I'm fighting off some infection and feeling icky. Even though I don't feel well I'm still trying to be a good girl so I can find my forever home and chill out forever.

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