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Sunday September 6, 2020

Feeling Good

Espie is back. I have decided it’s not so scary to live in a pet house. I like to spend most of my time cuddling a human. I am a polite dog so I move away when you ask. I hope you’ll share a dog bed with me. Or your bed may be ok.

I have been going places lately. I like my walks. I went to get a pup cup. Mmmm. All for me? Then I went to the vet. They all love me, Espie dog. I jump right into and out of the car when you ask. And I’m a good car rider. I can do so many things I didn’t know I liked. Foster mom says I’m just a happy dog now. I need daily medication so I can give life a chance. That’s all it takes to enjoy one of the best dogs you’ll ever meet—me! Espie is still waiting for you.

Wednesday September 2, 2020

Do you need love?

Are you lonely? Has the pandemic got you feeling down? Do you notice that you take less joy in the things you do? Do you struggle to stay motivated? I have the solution. Studies show that the more a dog loves you, the happier you’ll be. And you’ll live longer. In fact you may even be more attractive after our long walks together. Heck. You may find your perfect partner. But I’m bound to be your soul mate.

I don’t always need to cuddle, but when I do I choose the couch you’re on. Recent polls suggest cuddling a dog just feels good and it could lower your blood pressure. Who doesn’t need that nowadays? If you had me, Espie, right now you could be 809% more joyful. That’s a fact. Well . . . It’s an opinion but a very SOLID opinion. I’m Espie and I’m waiting for you right here.

Thursday August 27, 2020

Big day

Espie here. I had visitors today. I like the nice lady who brought me treats. I came to meet her after the other hounds showed me she was safe. I really liked her little girl hound, Alpina, too. Tonight I hopped right up into the car and took a ride. I visited Alpina at HER house. I was awfully scared. But I looked around, took some treats, and had a drink of water. I was too scared to get my leash on outside. Foster mom helped me, though. She invited me in the house and waited for me to calm down. She let me come and smell the leash a few times then she touched my neck softly and clipped the leash. I wanted to run or scare her away. I’ve done that in the past. But I’ve learned that people do good things for me and they don’t rush me. So I stayed and let her do it. I’m glad I did. I want to be a good boy. I walked to the car and jumped in to go home and got those good treats again. Boy was I glad to get back to the house! I ran super fast to my crate. It’s my safe place.

I don’t act so scared at home. I may always run when people stand suddenly. I don’t love getting leashed and muzzled but once you earn my trust I let you. I’m Espie dog. Foster mom says I’m brave for trusting so many people. It’s ok if I need a crate for safety. It’s ok if it takes a while to accept being leashed. It’s all worth it when I come cuddle and kiss foster mom’s face. I’m Z the beautiful Espie. If you have time to let me bond with you and you don’t have to hurry to do things to me, you should call me. Espie is ready for his own mom or dad. Espie is a good boy. I know because foster mom tells me when she kisses my head. Good night peoples. Dream of me. I’ll dream of you.

Wednesday August 26, 2020

You can’t see me

Espie back to tell you more about me. I was a pet before I was a foster. My former mom and I liked to cuddle, which is my all time my favorite thing! So now that I’m not scared anymore I sneak up on the couch unless I’m crated. Foster mom says “down,” and I’m a good dog so I do what she wants. But Espie Doodle (why does she call me that?) feels bad for these poor humans who need cuddles and don’t know it. All humans need a big dog to love them right up close.

If you saw my video you know I like balls. I like chewing on them and letting them roll away. Then I capture them again. The mean cat here gave me nice rubs yesterday on my nose. Maybe he likes me now? It tickled my nose but I liked it. I took my medicine last night. I didn’t like that. I kind of like this spot by the foster mom. If she sleeps, I’ll snag a spot on the couch. If you have a couch and you like big fun puppies who like to cuddle and sing to you, call me, Espie dog. I’ll wait.

Monday August 24, 2020

Espie starts to play

Saturday August 22, 2020

All I Need is Love

Espie here. I thought I’d post this great picture of foster mom. She seems to like kissing me on the head and I like kissing her face. I give good hugs, too! Espie says, Happy Weekend peoples.

Saturday August 22, 2020


Dear Person who decides to love me, Espie,

I need four things: 1) a grassy yard , 2) a couch, 3) YOU, and a pig oh my own. I can’t sleep without one so please, please have a pig for me. Espie out.

Friday August 21, 2020

It’s a new day It’s a new day

Espie here and I’m running TO the foster mom today. That’s me closing in. She’s sitting which makes me feel safer. Bonus—I exchanged kisses for some of her delicious coffee. Not only did I come to be loved outside today but I am so confident that I have zoomed over and kissed and hugged greyhound style inside, too. I’m Espie and I’m happy again. Foster mom wants to say something. Some dogs stand out from the pack. Espie is in that category. Yes. You will need to be patient and never violate Espie’s trust. And he’s not going to be a social butterfly out in public. But at home, where it counts, Espie is astounding. He’s a silly puppy and playful. He’s a Velcro dog. He wants to cuddle on the couch and kiss your face. Espie sings when he needs you. He’s great with even the evil cat. He’s easy to correct so a calm no is usually enough to correct him which is rarely needed. Espie is a character. He would do great with a patient human who has energy to keep up with him and wants a dog that is engaged and bonded. He does benefit from other hounds. This guy has shown immense resiliency. He truly inspired me today. If Espie has piqued your interest, contact the group and give me a call. Don’t let his spookiness stand in the way. With his person he’s a careful but funny, talkative, playful, devoted pup.

Thursday August 20, 2020

Now you’re talking

I’m a bit blurry because I’m zooming through the grass again today. I am a blur in the house too but that’s because I run fast to pass the humans. I’m really scared. When you’re a scared dog, people grab you from behind, or when you get close. They’re trying to help, but it scares a scared dog even more. It makes it harder to just walk by and harder yet to take a chance on stopping for pets and scratches. But I AM stopping. The humans here let me decide so I’m learning to say “Yes!”

I forget I’m scared sometimes and I run back to Foster mom especially when my friend, Sedona, runs to her. Sedona loves her and I think I’d like to be scratched and kissed too.

I’m Espie. I roo to let you know it’s a good time to eat and sometimes just to say “Hi.” I’m a special dog looking for my special person. I’m not a dog to push; I’m already giving my best. But my best gets better and better the more you allow me to decide. I’m Espie and I want my own person to sing to. I’ll take some scratches too, please. I’ll make you glad you chose to love me.

Wednesday August 19, 2020


I’m the beautiful Espie. But being beautiful hasn’t made things easy for me. I’m a spook. New things are difficult but most of all, I’m afraid of people. I’m giving these humans a chance. Foster mom says, “What a good, brave dog.” I like being near her, the boy, and the hounds. So far the boy human and the new, little girl hound are my best friends. I am still deciding about the cat. I love the grass here! I run zoomies through the yard every night. When I trot I move like a gaited horse. I roo at night and I roo-howl to talk to you. I guess I am special in lots of ways. I’ll need special people, too. Spooks like me take a bit more work. And the rewards are more than special. Like me.

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