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Saturday August 29, 2020

Monday August 17, 2020

Tipster waiting

In this picture Tipster is waiting to get back into house after a brief time outside. Tipster loves to go outside but he doesn't want to stay long. Just a few minutes and then he is ready to get back inside.

Tipster is a very easy greyhound to live with. He gets along well with his 3 sister greys. He has never had an " accident"

inside the house. He is very smart and never argues when told "no you cannot do that". He is very sweet and loving. He crates easily. He can be left out of the crate when I leave the house. Since there are other dogs here I cannot say if he would be comfortable if left all alone by himself. He sometimes sleeps in the crate and sometimes wants to be in the bedroom with me and a couple of his sisters at night. There are several dog beds around the house and he and his sisters share with no problems. I have been feeding him in the crate with the door closed just to avoid any "food protection" problems between everyone. Tipster learned to go up and down the outside deck steps with just one lesson and he has jumped into the car all by himself 3 times now!! Before long he will probably not need encouragement to do it. Tipster is a little shy and easily frightened in new situations and places. He is only 3 and everything is so new and strange to him. We went to the pet food store today and it was sooo hard for him to feel comfortable. The floor was really scary to him but after much patience and lots of treats he did get up his courage and slowly ventured around a bit. Naturally he was glad to leave and go home and rest :-)

Wednesday August 12, 2020

Tipster and Arizona walking on the greenway.

Wednesday August 12, 2020

Tipster sleeping

Wednesday August 12, 2020

Tipster hanging out in the yard with one of his foster sisters.

Wednesday August 12, 2020


Tipster has the flying nun ears in this picture.

Tipster is so dark I have not been lucky enough to get pictures that show how beautiful Tipster is. But everyone who meets him is impressed.

Wednesday August 12, 2020

Tipster sees TV for the first time.

Tipster is a very handsome boy! He wasn’t so sure about hardwood floors and stairs at first, but he is doing really well now! Tipster is a little shy when he meets new people, but warms up easily. He’s a very happy boy! He’s affectionate with his foster family. Sometimes he gets so excited to see us that he starts chattering! He absolutely loves a belly rub, if it’s not a long enough belly rub, he’ll lightly paw you for a little more. He’s a pleasure to have around!!

Wednesday August 12, 2020

JD Tipster

Hi everyone! I am JD Tipster and I arrived in Nashville 4 days ago. I came with a carload of other greyhounds and after a bath and nail trims I came to a foster home. I have 3 greyhound sisters. We all get along really well. One of my sisters gets a little grumpy when I get too close to her space but I understand and just leave her alone. I think I REALLY like retirement. I get to hang out , go for walks and eat and sleep on soft beds!! What's not to like? Foster mom says is going to post some pictures of me so everyone can see how handsome I am.

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