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Ana Grau & Elaine Husted

Saturday July 11, 2020

Happy Saturday

Hi everyone. What is everyone up to this weekend? I went on an excursion this morning and had a great time. I have no problem jumping into the car and road tripping with anyone who wants to go. My surfer dude personality aids me well...I just chill out in the back seat and enjoy the ride. If there are stairs when we reach our destination don’t fret, I might be a bit gangly up and down but I will happily do it just to be with you. The rest of my day should include some walks with my foster sister and some napping. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Thursday July 9, 2020

I Smile a LOT!

So I have been told I am a little mischievous and quick with my mouth. I thinks it is pretty darn funny to grab blankets, toys, socks, shoes, even a plastic bag if it’s in reach and hide it from the family. It’s all in good fun!

Friday July 3, 2020

Good Vibrations

Hi Everyone! My name is Al Jardine, or as the two legged folks call me, Benny. If you didn’t know, I was named after one of the co-founders of The Beach Boys...so my days are always full of good, good, good, good vibrations. My foster mom laughs at me all the time because I’m just so darn joyful about everything.

I was a little anxious when I first got to my foster home. I was panting so hard you would have thought it was hotter than a billy goat with a blow torch. Of course, I am use to the heat coming from Alabama and all.

After a good night’s rest on a really comfortable bed, I felt right at home. I went on walks with my foster sister, met some of the neighbor dogs, climbed up and down stairs, took all the toys out of the toy box so I could pick the perfect one, and found shoes to hide in my bed. Don’t worry I don’t chew on the shoe, It just gives me excitations to watch her look for them.

Thanks for checking in on me and seeing how I’m doing. I’ll be back in a few days with more fun, fun, fun.

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