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Wednesday July 22, 2020

So famous!

Hi neighbors! Dennis the menace here. I'm so worn out from my big photo shoot with Seth Casteel yesterday! Have you seen the viral photos of the dogs underwater? That's the photographer I had a photo shoot with yesterday. We'll see how they turn out but I know I looked great. It was a photo shoot showing me, a gentle giant, hanging out with my small pug friends. I know I looked handsome so I'll post those for you all to admire when I get them back. Anyways, I'm about to be super famous in a big and little dog friends book, so, adding my forever family to that list of awesome, would be the best!

Side note: I haven't had a potty accident in almost 3 weeks! Got that mastered. ☑️ Also, I'd be great in any house. Kids to run out my energy, little dogs to be my friends, big dogs to be my friends, only adults? That's cool too, let's hang and I'll help you with all your adult chores. Me the only dog? Cool, I have enough personality for 4 dogs so I wouldn't get lonely. I just want to be with my peoples.

Wednesday July 15, 2020

Me: I look like a derp in my profile pic......

Foster Mom: that's because you ARE a derp, Dennis.

Me: yeah... But... In that photo I look it....

Foster mom: yeah......

Me: so... Like.... Everyone will know.....

Foster mom: they'll know as soon as they meet you, Dennis.

Me: mmmk..... But will they pick me still?!

Foster mom: they'll pick you, Dennis. Everyone loves a derp.

Me: ok yay!

Wednesday July 15, 2020


Thursday July 9, 2020

Hey everyone! This is Megan, Dennis's foster mom. I thought I'd take a minute to give you a rundown on things Dennis may not care about sharing. He's a humble guy after all.

He has excellent recall! If he goes somewhere he shouldn't, and you tell him to come, he instantly turns around and trots over to you.

He is a quick learner! "No" and "Ah Ah" are all he needs to instantly drop whatever he's doing and either run to you or move on to something that he knows is permissable.

He is excellent in his crate. We call it his "house". A simple "get in your house". And he's in! He does need a stuffed animal in there to be happy.

He needs some leash work. He's a very excited boy. Excited about life, new things, new people, etc. But he doesn't seem to want to run away, just investigate.

No crate aggression, no bed aggression, no food aggression toward people whatsoever. One of my pugs got in his crate with him, and they just laid there together, not a concern in the world. He will protect his toys from the pugs sometimes. That's about it.

He's basically just a big, goofy, baby.

Let's see, what else.... He doesn't even try to get on the furniture. If you'd allow him to, I know he'd love it because basically all he ever wants is to be near you. But he's a good obeying boy.

I think that's it. Otherwise, everything else he's told you applies. Bye for now!

Thursday July 9, 2020

Hey neighbors! Dennis here. 😊 I'm really getting the hang of retirement. This is pretty much my daily routine now, and I loves it. Follow you around, wherever you stop, I plop, and wait. You move again, I follow, you stop, I plop. It's awesome. Also, that's my little friend Toby! We play chase almost every night. I'm faster than him but he's really bouncy and jumps up onto the bed to be at my level! He's pretty cool. Anyways, I'm such a friendly guy, I'd love to find my forever friends! I could be your only menace, or one of many! No big deal, either way, I'll push my face in there.

P.S. Much to my menacing dismay, I haven't had a potty in the house is over 3 days!

Tuesday July 7, 2020

What a caring Menace

This is me leaving the scene... My my resident hound pal, ultra, was laying there and I just thought he could use a nice blankey. So I pulled over the basket, pulled out the blankey, and laid it there for him.

Taking a rest after my kind gesture.

Monday July 6, 2020

4th July shenanigans

I just love people. I'm attach meself to you with me whole body. So, on 4th if July, friends came over! Loves dem all. Fireworks? Who cares, just pet me. Thunder? Still don't care. Just cuddles me. What a good menace boy I am.

Monday July 6, 2020

Time for honesty...from the menace

Ok, full disclosure.... I have a backward ear. Foster mom says it's funny cause when I perk up my ears it's like they are wind blown. She calls them my ear comb over.

Monday July 6, 2020

I'm Dennis!

I'm Dennis and I loves me toys! I love to collect and rest with me toys, throw me toys, learn what is me toys, you name it. EVERYTHING is a toy! So far I've collected a mug, multiple shoes, blankets, a Starbucks cup, a glass Mason jar, a leash, my own muzzle, a bag, a phone, a book, a pillow, and a place mat, in addition to me actual toys. Foster mom says those others aren't toys.... "Buuuuuuuuut... I'm Dennis!" I told her. She said no, so here we are. Learning I guess. Speaking of learning... I've been told it's not ok to potty in the house... I'm trying to learn that, but there's so many smells! I'm doing better... Not the best, but better. BUT like I said last time... I'm so handsome!

Monday July 6, 2020

The menace

Hello world! I'm Dennis. I live up to my name in the best way. I am a bit of a menace.... The sweetest menace. I want to be all up in your space. Let's share experiences together as closely as possible! I have such a curious zest for life! I'm enthusiastic to experiment and find out what's allowed in a hands on way. I'll try it, then learn if it's allowed or not. What better way to learn?! I'm VERY excited to meet you! Yes YOU! ALL of you! You shall not pass until I receive your pets and ear rubs. Everyone tell me I'm handsome... They're right. Hope to meet you soon forever home! I'm sure I'll love your neighbor, Mr.Wilson as well!

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