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Alison & Brian Warford

Saturday July 11, 2020

Dog park fun

I like hanging out with my new friends at the dog park. I don’t have any trouble meeting new dogs either. I’m still wary of new people, but I let two new people give me a quick pet today.

Here I am with resident hound Capo. We had an argument in the van on the way to the park, but foster mom said NO, so we both laid down. We friends now, as you can see.

Here I am with resident hound Daisy. Daisy and I like walking around the dog park with my foster mom. Daisy will romp around, but today I decided to stick close by foster mom. She says I’m a good boy. I’m learning not to dash out doors (I might have tried to dash out a door, but foster mom was leaving so I wanted to go too. She caught me and said I needed to work on my door manners)

Friday July 10, 2020

My new foster home

Here I am hanging out with my foster mom at her shop. If you work from home or are looking for someone to go to work with you, I’m your guy!

Sunday July 5, 2020

“I am a rock”

Foster mom says if my theme song is “I am a rock” that I have to start my blog with something POSITIVE. So, gaze upon my classic greyhound pose to show off my stunning physique! Jealous? Well, adopt me and there’s plenty more where that comes from! What you cannot see in my magnificent picture is that I am a shy boy. I really am a bit of a spook, but a little medicine has helped me learn I am safe. It only took me a week to start exploring the house so I respond well to love and patience. I have come a long way, my foster mom says. In many ways I am the easiest of hounds. I have never had a potty accident. I never whine. I sleep politely in my crate all night long. I walk on all floors like a champ. I really, really like my crate. Foster mom says I am beautiful and I am a beautiful soul.

Here I am with my favorite friend, Sadie. She is staying with me while her family is on vacation. I am something of a ladies man. I love being outside when I have a dog friend to be with.

I am looking for a forever person to can be patient and gives me some TLC even when I won’t ask, and even if I would rather just be ignored. When I am overwhelmed I try to fade away, so I need a person who will see me anyway.

Thursday July 2, 2020

Watch me now!

I had a rocky start off the track so I’m late introducing myself. I’m TJ, that’s “T” - “J”. While we’re disclosing—I’m spooky. I fully admit I went on strike when I got here. Not sure if you’ve tried it, but I left me home and the nice human who cared for me to take a long drive with people I don’t know and move in with them in another state. If this sounds like more adventure than you’re up for, you know how I felt! One can only mope for so long though; I got hungry. The humans here convinced me it’s okay to try new things with their help. So here’s my first assessment: Lets face it, the food at this restaurant is pretty great and I like the presentation. As far as ambiance, I’m pretty enamored with the grass they maintain and the occasional whiff of the girl greyhound who keeps me company. I found out that I still have humans to lean against and walk beside. That’s a nice touch. I didn’t realize I was being tested, but my new badge says I passed a bunch already. #1 potty only outside and when you’re asked-easy! #2 Walk on every kind of floor surface imaginable—check! #3 Be nice to cats—I was l, but it still hates me! I don’t get to walk with the others down the street yet. Foster mom doesn’t want me to get spooked out there. So, #4 I sleep all night until the humans wake me up. Foster mom says I am gentle, sweet, easy to love and easy to please.

I am still learning to trust new things so stay tuned to this channel! When a spook like me tries a new treat, a dog bed, or leaves the crate to be petted, it’s a moment for celebration. Foster mom promises to get a picture of all my firsts so everyone can pitch in to support me. Maybe someone will fall in love with my timid, sweet self, and realize they want to be my forever people?

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