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Thursday October 8, 2020

Best news ever

Guys—all you guys who have watched me since August—it happened. My foster mom and boy decided to keep me so I AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE! Boy I thought they would NEVER realize that but I had a plan and when TJ Ward has a plan you can plan on it happening! Thank you all those people who been thinking of me. TJ is happy. The End.

Wednesday September 30, 2020

Biding Time

TJ here waiting for the right humans to find me. I decided to take to bed and stay here until I get my very own people. That’s right. I’m not getting up until I’m adopted. I’ll take my meals here. And as for potty breaks, I’ll just hold it. I can lay here forever.

Ok. You caught me. Yes I got up. I had to go. But I am going back to bed and I’m not getting up again until my people come for me. I’ll be right here. Love, TJ.

Sunday September 20, 2020

My modeling career

I had great fun at the meet and greet at Community Farmer’s Market yesterday. I was stunning in my black and white tuxedo suit with black accessories and white socks and shoes. Here I am working it with my “fierce” force of nature expression. Foster Mom said I did not have to go that far but I wanted to impress.

Here you see me in a crush to get the primo spot beside Foster Mom. We all decided to be with Foster Mom at the same time. We do nearly everything at the same time. I wonder if that is evidence of Greyhound collective intelligence? Surprised by my incredible vocabulary? I have learned a lot in my foster home. Now that I think about it—I am not even a “spook” anymore. I am just a regular, happy hound who likes hugs and a good time. As you know, I am looking for my forever people. To quote the Supremes who may have said it best: “Come see about me. You know my world is empty without you. Besides, you KNOW that some day we’ll be together.” Don’t try to fight it—the Supremes are always right.

Thursday September 17, 2020

Exciting News

TJ here, relaxing up for my big day on Saturday. I will be at Community Farmer’s Market to meet all the people. I hope my people will be there. Foster Mom says it is not bragging to say what I know. Here goes. I am sweet and lovable. I know all house manners, including staying out of the kitchen, being kind to the cat, only going potty outside, and never ever bolting through the door. I am easy to walk, easy to guide, and easy to love. If you have room for a good boy in your heart and your home, TJ is waiting for you. I hope I don’t wait too long.

Tuesday September 15, 2020

I can share

It’s TJ again this morning. I am all rested up and ready to have fun. I get so happy to see the foster mom. She doesn’t seem to realize she should play bow back after I do it. Maybe she needs more socialization? I don’t mind helping her. I’m a good dog.

I’m the black hound on the bed on the right in today’s picture. I’m sharing with foster sister, Sedona. She asked nicely so I moved over for her. I always choose to be nice. Foster mom said that’s why I am the perfect companion for an only hound or a duo looking for a third. I am a quietly happy boy. I am easy in every way. There’s nothing I won’t do for you. Check out the rest of my blog to see why I’m the hound for you.

Sunday September 13, 2020


I had so much fun with foster mom, Michelle. BB my foster sister looks like me but she isn’t sure she needs a foster brother. So room opened up my with my old friends Parks, Marnie, and Sedona and I decided to hitch a ride back there. I’m feeling right at home already. Sedona likes to be right beside me. We are old track buddies so we are the best of friends. I’m pretty tired from my big day today so I’m going to sleep but foster mom has something to say.

We are so happy to host TJ again. That’s not a common sentiment. As much as we love all of our fosters we are thrilled when they find their own humans. Fostering can be quite a lot of work, but not where TJ is involved. TJ makes you look and feel like an expert regardless your skill level. He’s so tuned in and responsive to what you want that he’s always just giving that no matter how you bungle the delivery! TJ is as sweet as he is smart. He really wants a couch with his person beside him. He fits like a glove into a family and pack. Polite and unassuming, loving and sometimes playful, TJ is an ideal second or third hound. But his easy nature makes him equally wonderful for a greyhound novice. Just make sure TJ has a dog friend in place. It’s how he learns the ropes. More about sweet TJ to come but what are you waiting for? He’s already perfect.

Wednesday September 2, 2020

The Kitchen

TJ's favorite room in the big kennel. This is where snacks happen!

Saturday August 29, 2020

Looking For a Sofa

Look at sweet TJ! He is such a good boy and wants to find his forever sofa. Perfect manners and good looks... what a package!

Saturday August 29, 2020

Sleepy Day

TJ wasn't phased a bit by the rain and storms yesterday. He seems a little bored today and missing his little playmate, Ringo. TJ dreams of having a buddy to pal around with and help him gain confidence. The resident hound is a senior and missing in action most of the time, so I think he is feeling like an only dog. TJ would make an excellent "chip" if you are thinking about adding to your pack. TJ is so devoted and loves hard once he warms up to his surroundings.

Sunday August 23, 2020

Dreaming and Roaching

TJ Ward is dreaming about his "forever" home and maybe a bigger bed. Such a sweetheart!

Sunday August 23, 2020


TJ loves to go for walks but prefers to have a furry companion come along. He does very well on lead and looks at you for direction. I have walked TJ alone a couple of times but it made him very nervous and seemed to take away the joy. Cars, skateboards, bicycles and mailboxes become scary and he is less likely to openly let a stranger pet him. Having a companion along for the walk makes all the difference. TJ is such a sweet and gentle soul.

Saturday August 22, 2020


When the resident hound seeks out attention I sometimes join in for the love. Foster Mom seeks me out to give me one on one attention whether I want it or not because she knows that I like to fade into the background. I think that I secretly like the cuddles.

Saturday August 22, 2020

Saturday August 22, 2020

TJ's New Bestie

TJ is mesmerized with our temporary house guest. The little guy has a "large" personality and it has brought out a side of TJ that I had not witnessed with BlackBerry. TJ has play bowed and followed Ringo around for 2 days. Absolutely no prey drive issues so far and he has been more active. TJ gains his confidence around other dogs and will need a friend to help him with reassurance.

Friday August 21, 2020

I Help!

TJ likes to be with his person, whether lounging in a nearby bed or being your 70 pound shadow. He wants to be within sight unless he is being crated. This will probably subside once he finds his very own forever human.

Friday August 21, 2020


Storm? What Storm? TJ hasn't been phased a bit by the thunderstorm passing through this afternoon. What a sweet and gentle boy! TJ likes to be close by so he was busy watching me prepare dinner. No counter surfing and perfect manners when I asked him to go to his kennel for supper. He crates like a dream and goes inside without a treat, chew or coaxing.

Wednesday August 19, 2020

Best Boy

The Meet and Greet on Saturday was even more fun than I expected! Foster Mom keeps calling me her "Best Boy" and I am too shy to tell her that my name is TJ Ward.

TJ is an excellent house guest... no marking, no accidents, eats like a champ, walks on leash easily but does watch you for direction, sleeps all night without a peep. Just a sweet, shy boy looking for a full size dog bed. He thinks everything here is too small and dainty (or too pink), except for the couch. He did make himself comfortable on the couch one time but jumped down without me even saying a word.

This boy is going to make someone a very dedicated, loyal companion!

Friday August 14, 2020

Big weekend plans

I’m resting up! It’s a big big weekend for me! Saturday I’ll be auditioning humans to find my perfect family at the Bowling Green Petsmart from 12 - 2 pm. Sunday I move to a new foster family. I’ve been with this family a long time while I’ve waited for my own. I will learn new things with the new human. I’ll be PERFECT for someone. I’ve already learned most things. I admit I sneak onto the furniture. And you must prevent me from bolting out doors. Foster mom says I’ve learned all the house manners I need to be a great pet for anyone with another hound for me to learn from. Hear that? She called me perfect!

Thursday August 6, 2020

Meet and greets

UPDATE: TJ WILL NOT BE AT MEET AND GREET THIS WEEKEND. He still wants to show off and meet some more friends in Bowling Green. Catch him at PetSmart from 12-2 on 8/15. This will all be new for him so he won’t be completely comfortable. TJ is a home body. He likes things he knows more than he likes adventure. Come on out and help TJ learn that new things are nice too. He’s come so far and he’s so happy. He could use more people to love and appreciate his progress. Come see us!

Monday August 3, 2020

Mom with sofa needed

I love to roach in the big cuddle nest. More than that I love cuddling a human on the sofa. I’m not allowed but it would make me very happy. If you like happy, easy going, good dogs who cuddle, you need me! Foster mom calls me “Good boy, TJ man,” because I’m such an easy hound. I’m good on leash and love going on walks. I’m a good car rider so I can keep you company there, too. You’d never imagine I was so scared when I arrived from Birmingham that I cowered in the back of my crate and tried to be invisible. No more! I enjoy everything about being a pet and I’m the easiest of pups to live with. I just need my own person to love. I’m TJ and I’m being a good dog and waiting for you.

Friday July 31, 2020

Give me a P. Give me an R. Give me am O!

What’s that spell? PRO!

TJ here but the only thing the same about me is my handsome tuxedo coat. I used to be afraid of everything even in the house, even though other hounds told me it was safe. Well, I have been nominated to head the welcoming committee now because I, TJ Ward, exudes confidence, polite manners, and JOY! I do zoomies inside and out when I’m excited. I run like the wind in the yard and I kick up my heels for fun. I try and try to lay on the sofa. It’s my new favorite place. Foster mom says I can’t. I admit she has to grab my leash to get me down. I’m not proud of it. I should listen to her words but I never ever had a sofa before and I really really want one to share with my special human. If you have a sofa, please call my foster mom. I’m soooo ready. I know you’re out there. TJ is waiting.

Wednesday July 29, 2020

Happy Boy

I just get happier by the day! I stay with foster mom while she works then I make myself comfy in this bed. At bedtime I follow the herd to the bedroom and I sleep all night in my crate. I’m not so skittish any more. I really see why all these other hounds are happy—being a pet is the best. It’s hard for foster mom to find more to brag on—I’m polite, obedient, easygoing, and I’m starting to show my delight. I am a regular guy looking for my forever family. I hope you’re reading this, family! Foster mom says she’s glad to answer any questions you have. I’m an open book.

Monday July 27, 2020

All Behind Me

Just days ago Foster mom called me “a mover and a shaker.” Watch me now! I spend time with the humans and I even made myself at home on the sofa While they were out of the room. I’m not allowed andi got right down when asked. But because it means I’m so so much braver, the fosters took my picture first. I think I look kind of handsome here, don’t you?

Here I am getting some love from foster mom. I l enjoy being retired and I’m very good at it. I sleep politely all night. I haven’t had a potty accident here ever. I really like doing my business off leash. If you have grass for me to play in and a sofa to share, could you please call my people? They can tell you that I’m a quiet, easy, happy boy. Yes. I do get anxious in unfamiliar settings. I’m so NOT like that when I have a quiet home with gentle people and nice friendly hound friends. Tell you what. I will write you again soon. Just don’t forget to ask for me—TJ.

Sunday July 26, 2020

A mover and a shaker A mover and a shaker

I’m not sure I used “mover and a shaker” correctly? I HAVE moved a lot. That fits. I DO shake sometimes. I came back to stay with my first friends again. I was glad to see them and my crate was right where I left it!

I am sticking to my crate right now, but I’ll come out again soon. I may be a spook but I need love, too. Foster mom says that fearful dogs reward you every day when they trust you enough to try one new thing. One day, when you add them all up, you find a healthy, happy dog. Tune in to watch me grow!

Friday July 24, 2020


So my foster mom forgot my medicine last night, so I was a little anxious in my crate at night, so I pooped in the crate. Then when she let me out to pick up the poop, I had to go pee, so I trotted over to the door and I had just gotten a sprinkle out when she told me NO, and that startled me good, and I was a little wary of her, but she took me outside and I had a good pee, and I got lots of praise for that. Then we all loaded in the van to go to the dog park and Capo pooped in the van, but that was not my fault!!

Monday July 20, 2020

I’m a roacher

Whatcha gonna do on a hot day except get comfy.

Monday July 20, 2020

I’m getting braver all the time

Today I was in the family room and foster mom was in the dining room and I kept coming part way to check on her. I was not sure about going all the way , so she called Capo and I followed him in. I got lots of pets for that!

Sunday July 19, 2020

I’m acting like a dog

I’m a little cranky when I ride in the van with the other dogs. Today on the way to the dog park, I got mad at Capo and jumped on him and gave him my best growly voice, but my foster mom said NO so I stopped. I’m not afraid of other dogs, although foster says I’m going to have to wear my muzzle in the van now. Today at the park, I played with Daisy and romped around with her. Foster mom was happy because that’s the first time I actively played like a dog. I’m still shy with the people there though, and only want my foster mom to pet me. I do let other people at home pet me, I’m just wary of strangers. You gotta be careful!

Saturday July 18, 2020

I’m making progress!

I’m making really good progress. I used to run to my crate when I came into the house, but now I run to my favorite dog bed. The first day I was out and about in the house, I peed inside the house (oops). I had been outside, but didn’t do my business, so I decided the house was ok. My foster mom was at work, and the people at home were so used to me being in the crate, they forgot to watch me. Now, they take me outside so I can do my business outside and not inside. Also, when I first came I didn’t want to eat my food right away so they would have to take it up and give it to me later. I never skipped a meal, but I wasn’t always ready to eat. Now is a different story! I’m so eager to eat, my foster mom is teaching me to wait until she says OK before I eat my food. I’ve made a lot of progress in just a week!

Saturday July 18, 2020

I’m learning at lot!

Here I am lined up with resident hounds Daisy and Capo. I’m learning that when we line up we also wait at the door to go out, even when the door is open! I’m catching on to this but sometimes I forget and try to zoom out the door. My foster mom says I’m making good progress, though. Btw, we’re on our way to the dog park here. I like the dog park a lot and I got some good runs in. I do fine with the other dogs there, but I’m not sure about the people. They might be ok, but I’m not ready yet to get close enough for a pet.

I got so much exercise at the dog park, I just had to lie down and take a rest. My foster mom is pleased because I used to never relax enough to lie down.

Thursday July 16, 2020

I like this bed!

Hey guys! Who knew dog beds were so great? I figured out this bed thing last night and now I’m a pro! Oh, and I was trying to check out the TV next to me, and I had to put my feet on the cabinet to do it, but my foster mom said NO, and I’m like “whoa, my bad, I gotta stand here a moment and recover”, but then I laid back down and everything was good.

Wednesday July 15, 2020

I’m exploring!

My foster mom came home after being gone several days and decided to do some exploring in the house all on my own! I’m being very brave and came to see her while she was sitting on the sofa. (I might have stepped on resident dog Capo in the process, but he shouldn’t have been lying in my way)

I’m so brave, I’ve even decided it was ok to lie down right next to my foster mom! I really like a quiet and calm house where I can take my time to get used to things.

Tuesday July 14, 2020

Exploring the wide, wide world

Day 6 at my new foster home and I finally left my crate to see what was going on! I got a little overwhelmed and had to go back in my crate and lie down, though. Baby steps.

Saturday July 11, 2020

Dog park fun

I like hanging out with my new friends at the dog park. I don’t have any trouble meeting new dogs either. I’m still wary of new people, but I let two new people give me a quick pet today.

Here I am with resident hound Capo. We had an argument in the van on the way to the park, but foster mom said NO, so we both laid down. We friends now, as you can see.

Here I am with resident hound Daisy. Daisy and I like walking around the dog park with my foster mom. Daisy will romp around, but today I decided to stick close by foster mom. She says I’m a good boy. I’m learning not to dash out doors (I might have tried to dash out a door, but foster mom was leaving so I wanted to go too. She caught me and said I needed to work on my door manners)

Friday July 10, 2020

My new foster home

Here I am hanging out with my foster mom at her shop. If you work from home or are looking for someone to go to work with you, I’m your guy!

Sunday July 5, 2020

“I am a rock”

Foster mom says if my theme song is “I am a rock” that I have to start my blog with something POSITIVE. So, gaze upon my classic greyhound pose to show off my stunning physique! Jealous? Well, adopt me and there’s plenty more where that comes from! What you cannot see in my magnificent picture is that I am a shy boy. I really am a bit of a spook, but a little medicine has helped me learn I am safe. It only took me a week to start exploring the house so I respond well to love and patience. I have come a long way, my foster mom says. In many ways I am the easiest of hounds. I have never had a potty accident. I never whine. I sleep politely in my crate all night long. I walk on all floors like a champ. I really, really like my crate. Foster mom says I am beautiful and I am a beautiful soul.

Here I am with my favorite friend, Sadie. She is staying with me while her family is on vacation. I am something of a ladies man. I love being outside when I have a dog friend to be with.

I am looking for a forever person to can be patient and gives me some TLC even when I won’t ask, and even if I would rather just be ignored. When I am overwhelmed I try to fade away, so I need a person who will see me anyway.

Thursday July 2, 2020

Watch me now!

I had a rocky start off the track so I’m late introducing myself. I’m TJ, that’s “T” - “J”. While we’re disclosing—I’m spooky. I fully admit I went on strike when I got here. Not sure if you’ve tried it, but I left me home and the nice human who cared for me to take a long drive with people I don’t know and move in with them in another state. If this sounds like more adventure than you’re up for, you know how I felt! One can only mope for so long though; I got hungry. The humans here convinced me it’s okay to try new things with their help. So here’s my first assessment: Lets face it, the food at this restaurant is pretty great and I like the presentation. As far as ambiance, I’m pretty enamored with the grass they maintain and the occasional whiff of the girl greyhound who keeps me company. I found out that I still have humans to lean against and walk beside. That’s a nice touch. I didn’t realize I was being tested, but my new badge says I passed a bunch already. #1 potty only outside and when you’re asked-easy! #2 Walk on every kind of floor surface imaginable—check! #3 Be nice to cats—I was l, but it still hates me! I don’t get to walk with the others down the street yet. Foster mom doesn’t want me to get spooked out there. So, #4 I sleep all night until the humans wake me up. Foster mom says I am gentle, sweet, easy to love and easy to please.

I am still learning to trust new things so stay tuned to this channel! When a spook like me tries a new treat, a dog bed, or leaves the crate to be petted, it’s a moment for celebration. Foster mom promises to get a picture of all my firsts so everyone can pitch in to support me. Maybe someone will fall in love with my timid, sweet self, and realize they want to be my forever people?

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