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Sunday June 14, 2020

Good Girl

Foster mom just learned how to get me to lie down. She was saying “Kennel up.” I didn’t seem to understand. Today I was making my morning rounds (round and round the house) and she asked me to “Go to bed.” I went right to my kennel. I began to step out and she asked again. I backed up so my front paws were back into my crate. Two more times I “went to bed” when she asked. Now she said I need to learn “Stay.” Wonder what that means?

Thursday June 11, 2020


Today foster mom is in charge of the blog to talk about “my transformation.” If that’s bad, I’m going to be so embarrassed! Ok, Best Friend, I won’t embarrass you again! The great news is I’m seeing a new girl here today and had to tell her story. It’s impossible to overstate the transformation. Best Friend is curious to learn everything around her. It’s like she just discovered she’s gone over the rainbow! Rather than run in fear, today she gently introduced herself to the cats. When she tired of cats, she spent long minutes (LONG LONG minutes) staring into my eyes while I petted her and kissed her head. I guess she’s making up for lost time. Until today there was no indication that Best Friend noticed the hounds that reside here. Today, she’s following their lead. She even asked Marnie to play. Forget that girl who ran right back to the door when she finished up outside. Seeing Best Friend outside today was like watching a little baby goat learning what she can do. She kicked up her heels, ran like the wind, and jumped over anything in her way. She was pure joy. And pure joy is exactly what she will bring to her new family. Best Friend is still skittish and she will always be a submissive girl. She’s not a spook though and her personality grows with her confidence. She is a beautiful, sweet, tiny delight of a hound. She does best with really gentle guidance. Correcting, which is needed rarely, is a simple matter of saying “No” in a disapproving tone. She is going to be playful. She will be happier following than leading, so another dog is important to this girl. She exhibits no separation anxiety in the slightest. Looking for an easy, polite, curious, cat safe young pup? It’s hard to do better than Best Friend.

Just another way this beauty is unique—Best Friend’s ears go sometimes to the back and sometimes to the front. Case in point.

Wednesday June 10, 2020

One day at a time

I am still feeling afraid of sudden movements and cats but I’m also curious now. My open crate door and my curiosity tempt me to try things. I love the outside now. I take my time to come back in. I wag and kick up my heels. I feel happy. I come and go from my crate bed to visit the foster mom. This morning I came right over to be loved on instead of running back and forth. I watch everything from my crate. I no longer hide and try to be invisible. Foster mom says this much happy progress in just four days shows just a glimpse of how wonderful I’ll feel in a few weeks.

If you’ve never watched a timid dog learn to be just a dog, you’re in for a real treat. When I come see you, it’s a compliment and an honor. It’s just the beginning and I’ll become more curious almost everyday. I have a gentle, kind, almost affectionate way and that won’t change. I’m easy to train and I aim to please. When my leash is on, I know you want me to come. Even when I don’t know where we’re going, I come right along. I always try to be a good girl.

Monday June 8, 2020

Okay by me

I’m starting today with my accomplishments. I walked on all kinds of floors without running in place the first time I tried. I go potty outside when I feel like it. (I go out when I am asked but I do not always take my opportunity to “go”.) Speaking if going, I take only minutes outside. I hussle back to the door so I can go to my favorite place. Today I came to the front of my kennel for ear scratches and those kisses I get on my head. I used to huddle in the back corner of my kennel so the humans were super happy. I LOVE my food. I would like lots of it! More please! I sleep all night in the little kennel by the bed. The foster mom says I’m the best sleeper ever! I sleep in until the human wakes up! I guess you could say I’m polite. I do the small steps here just fine. I haven’t practiced big steps yet. I’m easy to walk. I’m 100% cat safe but I’m also 100% cat terrified. So far I won’t come out if the cats are nearby. The humans here shut my kennel door a while yesterday—too long I say—and I looked around until the exploring cat came in the room. I ignore the other hounds so far. They give me space. We’re all going for a walk in the cool tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll get to know them a little better? I guess my list of accomplishments is pretty okay considering a shy girl like me managed it all in 2 days plus one morning! Foster mom says I’m ADORABLE. I like that word and the kisses are okay too! That’s me in a nutshell. Everything’s okay by me.

Sunday June 7, 2020

A Little at a time

Sunday June 7, 2020

The difference a day makes

I’m learning that when people come, good things happen. First the lady brought me treats. I even took them from her hand after a while. Later, this nice boy came to lay near me. He gives scratches and pets and it feels really nice right behind my ears. day ago I wouldn’t look at these people so they wouldn’t look at me. But they did anyway and I feel better now. My foster mom says I am the easiest girl she ever hosted, but not for the right reason. I never ask for anything, and she says “A dog needs people and things to look forward to.” I decided to try that. I perk my ears up when they come by and I watch wherever they go. I am still very happy left in my crate, but I let them come to my door and sit with me and I came out once by myself to go potty.

I have not had a potty accident. And I haven’t made a single sound. I slept in the kennel next to the foster mom’s bed all night without any fussing. She was tired and she thanked me a lot for that. I am pretty good at being good.

Saturday June 6, 2020

A lot to learn

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