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Foster Family

Thursday June 4, 2020

You’ll never be bored with Neon!

Neon never fails to make me laugh. She loves carrying around her toys and will sometimes bring me my belongings (particularly shoes) in case she thinks I’ve lost them. She gets very excited to go outside, and will grunt and do a little dance on our way out. Once outside, she wants to visit with every person/dog we pass.

She’s my little shadow and I can’t go anywhere without her noticing. If you’re looking for a hound to supervise your activities, she’s up for the task!

Neon is getting better with interacting with the kitties (i.e. not chasing them) so I think she’ll do fine in a home with them. We plan to practice stairs soon! She already has crating and jumping in the car down pat.

Wednesday June 3, 2020

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Neon Flash!

Miss Neon Flash arrived in Nashville yesterday and she is definitely making herself at home. She met the resident hound without issue and is quickly learning that felines are best observed from a distance. She’s just so friendly she wants to be everyone’s friend!

This girl has a BIG personality and loves life. She loves to play with toys, people, and other hounds. I think she’d fit in best with an active household that would play with her and take her on fun adventures.

So far Neon has demonstrated wonderful house manners, eats well, and sleeps soundly all night. She even shows off the elusive greyhound sit!

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