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Barbara Hoffman

Thursday October 22, 2020

Catching Up

My son and Fonzie. All of my fosters have loved him.

More than my other fosters, he likes to curl up to sleep.

Fonzie is fun and funny. Around 4:00 every afternoon he will stand in front of me, give me a hard long stare, and if I don't respond, will give me a bark or two. He knows it's not time for his dinner, but hope never dies.

He was quite frightened of my slick floors. I made a path, from the carpeted stairs across the wood floors, with dog beds and door mats. He would navigate to the kitchen like he was crossing a stream on stepping stones. A few more mats in the kitchen and he could make it to the back door. He's getting over his fear and I think soon I will be able to dismantle the roadway.

Walking with him is not an aerobic exercise. He likes to stop, look, listen, and smell everything! That is actually OK with me because I think it is good enrichment for him, I'm not as speedy as I used to be and it's good for me to stop and smell the roses also.

Friday October 9, 2020

What a guy!

Here he is deciding whether he really wanted to go back inside.

Here he is doing he same thing that Tasha did.... wait at the top of the stairs so that when I come up I can scratch his ears and rub his belly. Oops, this is Tasha, not Fonzie, but they look the same from a distance!

Fonzie in the foreground and Tasha in the background. I hate to say it but Tasha was a mean girl today, and that was a side I never saw of her before. She is going to her forever home tomorrow so Fonzie and I will have a chance to enjoy life.

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