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Rene Britt

Friday May 29, 2020

Nibbling on flower buds makes my foster mum squeak in a loud voice.

Friday May 29, 2020

Look into my eyes....

Friday May 29, 2020

Shhhhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet.

Had to get all my stuffies in place for our power nap.

Saturday May 23, 2020

Yoga with Luck

Saturday May 23, 2020

Life with Luck!

Luck is always ready for snuggles and she’s on search for the most perfect toy!

Tuesday May 5, 2020


Hi there! I'm Luck! Foster Mom says that most of the time, I'm "good" Luck.

I'm really liking this retirement thing so far. I have discovered toys (although apparently Foster Mom's fuzzy boots are not considered toys) and really love attention from the people. I like to run around for a little while in the house or yard, but then I settle down like my foster brother and sister. I sleep well through the night and have mostly figured out where and where not to go potty.

And then there's what Foster Mom thinks is my cutest feature - whenever the people come close to pet me, I do this. I also like to sleep like this sometimes, often with one front paw straight up in the air. Foster Mom says I might want to work on my modesty, but this is the best way to let everyone know I want belly rubs!

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