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Foster Family

Janet Berka & Jody Packer

Wednesday May 27, 2020


Hi Guys. Still hanging out at this foster house. I don't love the slippery floors or the stairs, but otherwise it's not bad. I'm still smiling (even in my sleep most of the time).

The biggest update is that the vet took one of my toes and my favorite lump near my ear. The good news is that it was my least favorite toe. I've been getting around fine without it, but my back legs do the funny cartoon run thing sometimes on these slippery floors with only one good front leg.

Foster Mom feeds me on my bed so that I don't slide around as much while my foot is healing. I have found that a classic downward facing dog offers the stability I need to scarf down my kibbles.

This was right before they took my toe, but you can see that I do a great impression of a Land Shark. I was keeping an eye on Foster Mom while she worked in the kitchen. Someone's got to supervise around here, you know?

It seems that the humans here have a tradition of dressing us hounds up in the style of our names. First with the butter hat, and now they put a blanket tail on me and this weird metal dinglehopper on my paw. Good thing I am so tolerant. I barely moved through this whole ordeal and actually enjoyed being covered with the blanket. I'll leave you with a portrait of me being adorable.

Saturday May 16, 2020

Change of Scenery

Hi Everyone. Just hanging out at this new home for a few days. The last place was great but the resident Greyhound filed a formal complaint to the manager about having me there, so I moved to another foster home with two tiny little fluffballs. I like sniffing at them sometimes, but leave them alone otherwise.

This new place has a nice big bed for me, but I prefer to lay completely on the floor, or only put my head on the bed. It confuses my new foster parents, but I like keeping them on their toes. I really just like to hang out in whatever room foster mom and dad are in. If they get up and are out of sight, I follow them around and whine quietly to let them know I'm not happy about it. I create like a champ and don't mind hanging out in my crate when they leave the house.

When I do lay on the bed, I like to be upside down with my mouth flaps hanging in the breeze. It's all about the slightly open mouth snoring for me. I also have a lot of dreams about my former racing days and my foster parents say that my little legs twitch and kick like I'm running when that happens.

You may have heard about my smile. Here I am showing it off while laying down. This is just my coy small smile. I'll warn you that the next picture might look frightening, but it's my full out smile. I promise I'm really happy in the next picture. Foster Mom asked me if I was a pretty girl, and obviously I am, so I smiled really big for her.

See? I can smile even bigger, but I don't want to scare anyone away with a picture of that. It's just how I show people I'm happy!

The last foster here had a special hat because her name was Cornbread. Well I wanted to wear her special butter hat too, so I kept pulling it off the table and taking it to my bed to lay with. They finally got the hint and put it on me. I think I look great in it. I walked around the house with a big smile and laid down to enjoy my triumph.

I know I have a bit of grey around the ol' muzzle, but my favorite thing to do on walks is chase squirrels. I'm very strong, and foster mom makes me stop walking when I see one just in case I try to lunge after them like I tried to do a few seconds after this picture was taken.

Sunday May 10, 2020

Mama’s chilling

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope your day is as relaxing as mine. I’ve been figuring out this retirement thing pretty quickly and like it. I started out just sleeping on the floor but as you can see I have mastered the fluffy beds. I’m generally shy at first but once I’m comfortable with someone I get really friendly.

Monday May 4, 2020

Here I am Nashville

Hi Nashville. My name is mermaid and I just got to Nashville yesterday. I had a career as a both a racer and a brood mama. Now I’m ready for retirement. Don’t let the gray hair fool you, I’m still very spry and active. I love giving hugs and have a great smile that may look like a snarl to the untrained eye.

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