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Sunday June 7, 2020

Foster Mom's birthday

Foster Mom had a birthday this week, and Foster Dad made me wear this silly hat. Foster Mom said I looked very cute and was a good sport, but I think I look ridiculous.

Despite such occasional indignities, they are nice to me here but I'm still looking for my forever home. Wouldn't you like to take me home?

Monday May 25, 2020

Where do they go?

I like to watch TV. I get especially excited when I hear animal noises or see animals on the screen. Foster Mom took a picture of me when she was watching a show about sled dogs in Alaska.

I just can't figure out where the dogs go when I can't see them anymore. I try to find them by looking out the windows or behind the TV, but it's like they disappear! What sort of sorcery is this?

Foster Mom says I'm still doing well but I need to learn that the humans decide when it's time to get up, and that paper towels are not toys to shred. So many rules...

Wouldn't you like to take me home? I'm a sweet boy who likes to have fun.

Sunday May 17, 2020

Big Red

Hi there! I moved to a new foster home this week with no kitties. The people here seem nice, and I have a foster brother and sister to play with. I'm still learning what I'm allowed to play with and what I need to leave alone, but I'm settling in well.

I love attention and being around Foster Mom and Dad. I have a tendency to nip at things/people when I get excited, so Foster Mom and Dad keep telling me I need to stop that. Something about being a greyhound and not a snapping turtle...

Anyway, this place seems nice but I'd sure love a place to call my own. If you don't have any little furry things living with you and want a sweet, curious boy who loves attention, eats well, and potties where he's supposed to, I'm your guy!

Saturday May 9, 2020

I want what I want

I’ve recovered from my unfortunate run-in at the vet clinic this week. I went in intact and came out “altered.” Is that even legal? Well, I feel good again, and I am seizing every opportunity to make the world mine. This got me lectured today—something about “ not always getting what you want.” I seriously doubt that. Combine my curiosity, intelligence, and determination, and my name is likely to go down in history with all the great explorers. Speaking of names, why am I now called, “Leave it?” Okay. I admit it, I am a pistol sometimes. These humans may be justified in crating me or bringing me along when they leave the room. I have had some lapses in judgment. I may have taken their stuff, counter surfed, tore up beds, and chased the cat—okay more than once. I usually listen when I am corrected. I guess you could say that until I learn my manners and who’s in charge, I will need “close supervision.” Remember, my manners will improve with training. What won’t change is my charming, fun loving, affectionate, social, and confident nature. My forever humans will be happier if they do not live with a cat and are prepared for me to chase small animals when we go on walks. It may be helpful to use a gentle leader with a harness or martingale at first. Foster mom says I will reward you everyday. I am super trainable so I would be the star in obedience or therapy dog training, and games with my person may be fun.

Wednesday May 6, 2020


Today I practiced my search and rescue skills. I searched for stuff and the humans rescued it. I was super helpful. I brought the phone to the foster mom before it even rang. I rearranged the table. The candle just doesn’t look right where it was. Of course, I took all the toys to my favorite rug. And while foster mom was in a Zoom call, I helped her finish dinner. I could be a weight loss coach, or a decorator, or administrative assistant. If you need one of those, drop me a line. If you just want an almost impossibly adorable hound, I’ve got that covered, too. You may want to keep a close eye on your stuff.

Tuesday May 5, 2020

Fast at everything

I have mastered everything today. Foster mom says I’m “smart as a whip.” That doesn’t sound good to me but she says it is. I walk on wood floors and tile like an old pro. I learned today that moving toward the cat is a big “No-No.” The loudest sound ever gongs in the house when I start in the cat’s direction. Not sure how the cat even MAKES that sound? Anyway I left him alone today. It’s not much fun though. Speaking of fun . . . I want all the stuffies in the world. I’m a world class stuffie shaker. I only go potty outside. And, I sleep through the night without a sound as long as you can wake up early. I’ll cry if I need you to let me out. If you’re thinking I sound just about perfect, there’s more! I’m affectionate, confident, and I’m reasonable! I don’t need attention constantly, but I like everyone and I’ll follow you to keep my eye on you. I do love to play so I could use toys and walks. Then I love to nap.

Monday May 4, 2020

Finally, she gets me

I just got in yesterday so I’m learning how to talk to these humans. I rested yesterday. Today is for exploring. The mom here finally understood. I like doing what everyone else is doing. I have my eye on that couch over there. I want one.

I’m still figuring out how to leave the cat alone so I’m stuck in my muzzle until “I treat him like I want to be treated.” I thought I was? I’m a gentleman with sitting cats. More important, I happen to love this rug. It’s my spot. I love the stuffies here, too. Most of all, I’d love to be my own person’s best friend. That is what retirement is for. Best friends, couches, and soft rugs.

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