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Alicia L. Jones & Connor D. Dawson

Saturday May 16, 2020

Outside is My Favorite

Hello Nashville peeps. Retirement is so nice! I wonder why they never talked about it at the track? I love running around outside...and when I say "running around," I mean socially and lazily. My foster sister and I zoom around together when we first get out. After that, while she sun bathes, I run from fence to fence checking out the hood. There are so many things happening outside of the fence. Sometimes other dogs join me...they aren’t as fast as me but we still have fun. I played with a brown and white husky puppy the other day...man did he have energy. We chased each other, he jumped on me and then fell down, I would push him around with my nose; it was a grand ole time. Today was a lot warmer than the last few days. I learned today that there is an out door bath area where I can get hosed off when I am feeling too hot. That was very refreshing. The rest of today I am going to be lazy. Enjoy your weekend!

My foster sister takes cooling off very seriously. Me? I have to keep watch....I wouldn't want to miss anything!

Sunday May 10, 2020

First Week of Retirement

I have been retired for a full week and am enjoying my foster home. My foster mom doesn’t have to yell at me much, in fact, she tells me how much of a good boy I am. I like when she calls me “buddy” or “good boy”. When she raises her voice it is usually when I am pretending to not hear her LOL.

I like all the comfortable sleeping options. If I can find a pillow on the floor I am going to lay down on it. Even my crate has comfortable bedding. However, if I don’t have to be in my crate I prefer not to be. I’m happy eating in it but as soon as my meal is gone I want out. When I have to be in the crate, because my foster mom leaves the house, my foster sister is there to babysit me. I let my voice be heard for a few minutes that I would prefer to not be in there, but I eventually settle in.

There is a funny robotic thing that zooms around the house. I am not sure what it's doing but I keep my eye on it. It only comes out once a day and sometimes it runs into me, but quickly turns around. I am not scared of it but it is an odd thing.

I love being outside. Here is a video of me running around... .

As you can see my foster sister and I swap beds sometimes.

Monday May 4, 2020

24 Hours in My Foster Home

Hi, my name is New Castle — yep like the beer; at least that is how my Foster Mom keeps introducing me.

I have had one full sleep and lots of naps at the foster home. This retirement thing isn’t so bad. I’m learning all the retirement luxuries from my foster sister JoJo...she makes chillin out look easy. They even have an outdoor balcony that I can sleep on. The sun feels so good on my back and the birds sing me to sleep.

My foster sister has shown me so many cool things, like these soft plushy things that she puts in her mouth and then they make squeaky songs...whoa those are fun. And there is this screen that hangs on the wall and the two legged creatures talk out of it, and cars race around, and sometimes other doggies show up. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it is fun to watch. My foster sister also showed me how to climb stairs. I thought at first I was going to fall through them because I can see through them, but JoJo was patient and I followed her right up.

With all the napping and exploring I haven’t found myself to be very hungry yet but I make sure I take a few bites here and there. I am staying hydrated though...and that’s important. Well off to bed...night!

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