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Foster Family

Friday April 3, 2020

I Like to Play!

Sophie has been having a lot of fun lately. We recently discovered she likes to play fetch with a squeaky ball in the house. Then, when foster dad was hitting some softballs outside, she ran and chased them. The first time was while wearing her muzzle in the field, so she basically scooted the ball around as our resident hound chased her. Today, she was muzzle-free and was able to get that ball!

Sophie has quickly learned to take treats from our hands. Like many greyhounds, she loves stuffies and likes to hoard them in her crate and rest among them. She's had one accident in the house, but that was probably more our fault for not picking up on her signals fast enough. Sophie is a very happy and loving girl.

Sunday March 29, 2020

Sophie Settles In

Sophie has really taken quickly to living in a house. When she first arrived, we gave her a bath and she lied down in the tub! Today she got her nails trimmed and she was totally relaxed. Who doesn't love a little TLC?

She has growled a few times at her reflection in the fireplace doors. She has also growled a warning at our resident hound when he gets too close to her space when she is lying down. Otherwise, she has been pretty easy going. She was afraid to sleep in the crate in the room by herself, so we have let her sleep on a dog bed in the bedroom and closed off the room so she can't get into any trouble. Now she sleeps through the night without a peep. So far, she's had no accidents in the house. She has been a little nosy when we are eating, but she is learning to mind her manners. Sophie loves stuffies and a squeaky ball and has promptly taken them to her crate. She is a sweet little girl with a lot of energy and curiosity. She is definitely not cat safe.

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