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Foster Family

Michael & Jennifer McLain

Saturday March 28, 2020

Lovin' the New Lifestyle

Hi! TBone, better known at the track as Street Sweeper, will make a great family member!

He’s very calm, even tempered & sometimes leans on his people and follows them around. He’s very interested in new things and quite nosy! He discovered his food bag, pulled the clip off the top… Luckily his plan was foiled before his great food caper came to fruition!

TBone’s decided he’s a big fan of peanut butter and loves to work on a Kong! He tried to counter surf once but immediately stopped when told no. He’s very interested in the kitchen but will walk away when told “Out.” Also, he does Not seem to have food aggression with people.

He’s had no problems with pottying on leash and NO accidents in the house! The house has hardwood, and he walked in just like a pro. Sometimes he slips a little, but he doesn’t let that hold him back.

TBone shot up wooden basement steps without much effort, but coming down… Well – he’s made it down 2 steps so far. When walking, he tends to pull on his leash but is improving – his heeling is coming along!

He loves to be brushed & groomed, and didn’t mind getting a bath! His skin is dry and he works to scratch or bite it, but we’re working on this.

TBone’s people can see a twinkling of play in him, but he’s still mostly hiding this talent. He has yet to be interested in stuffies – the verdict is still out.

He is an only dog with his foster family, and it seems that he would be fine with this scenario. FYI - He likes to be sung to and doesn’t mind if you want to play instruments for him too.

His superpower of sleeping was not interrupted in the least by FaceTime going on right beside of him.

Yesterday, a security alarm was accidentally set off in the car, but he was unfazed and didn’t let it break his cool. When he returned home he crawled through to the front seat to get out. Then, he jumped back in the car, and sat down on his bottom in the driver’s seat! (I wish I had a pic!!) He is almost 4, so 20 something in human years. He must be ready for his license!

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