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Happy Mother's Day, Debbie Hallden, from your grandpups!

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Meredith Clapp

Sunday April 12, 2020

A Day in the Life

This is a typical day in the life of the sweetest dog in the history of the world - that’s me, Fawcett! (Or Buster, my humans are still trying to figure out what my name is...)

I’m doing great in my crate - it’s such a safe place! I used to cry at night because I was confused, but now I fight my sister for crate rights during the day. The days of co-cuddling are over...I want the whole crate to myself!

I start every day by checking every room in the house. Then I need to find every reflective surface and stare at it. Who is that beautiful black dog?!? I literally do this a dozen times a day.

I don’t like to run around the yard like my sister yet, but I recently learned how to play with toys! Well, maybe play isn’t the right word— I like to pull every toy out of the bin one at a time, take it back to my crate, and get another one. And then I’m confused why I can’t fit into my crate. Still working on this.

I love my humans SO MUCH and just want to be pet every minute of the day. If they stop petting me, I put my paw on their knee and look at them with puppy dog eyes. Gets em every time.

Sunday April 5, 2020

Sleepy pup

I tried to chew on the brush at first, but then I realized its magical powers. It put me right to sleep!

Saturday April 4, 2020

Getting along

My foster sister Coin has NEVER let anyone in the crate with her. I must be pretty special! 😊

My foster mom needs to be more careful about what she leaves out— I’m so curious and just want to sniff and eat everything. But I’m getting much better and haven’t been counter surfing in days. I really am a good pup.

Tuesday March 31, 2020

Settling in

I’m a very sweet and friendly boy who just wants lots of belly rubs and long walks. I showed up with the name Fawcett on my collar so that is what my foster family has been calling me. I have a silky black coat and very adorable white paws and chest. I am so curious about everything in this new world! I don’t understand everything yet but I trust these humans to teach me.

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