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Sunday May 3, 2020


Thunder you say? Whatever..... I once flew on my broom through a tornado.... Thunder is cake. (Look at this nice toy collection I gathered tho....)

Monday April 27, 2020


Finally! So, Glinda and the Wizard (foster parents) have been trying to teach me how to be calm in my "house" (crate)... I've been trying to tell them all along as loudly as I could "I JUST WANT A STUFFY PAL TO CUDDLE!". Well, they FINALLY understood. They gave me my very own stuffy pal to go along with my chewy bone. I'm such a calm and happy good witch now.

Wednesday April 22, 2020

How close is too close?!

Moose the munchkin: "how close is too close, Witchy??! Is this.... too close?"

Witchy the good witch of the South: *sigh* "I mean...... Ok fine."

Wednesday April 22, 2020

All fresh and ready for my debut.... Almost.

I've been microchipped, spayed, teeth cleaned, health checked, and spent a day at the day spa getting bathed and beautied! I'm ready for you, Emerald City! Now if only these munchkins would stop snoring.... in my face..... how's a witch supposed to get her beauty sleep?!

Thursday April 16, 2020

A message from Glinda

Hey everyone! Glinda here. (My real name is Megan but witchy calls me Glinda so I go with it). I just want to do a quick takeover of Witchy's blog cuz she loves to tell her adventures, but I know there's important things to know if you're interested in having her in your home.

Here's what I've experienced from her so far. She's a gentle soul. She's shy at first, but then she warms up and loves pets and cuddles. She's not food, bed, or crate aggressive toward people, but she will let another dog know that her space is her space and her food is her food. She won't bite them, she'll just growl or bark.

She loves learning the rules. She doesn't ask first, she tries first. 😂 She jumped on the couch and jumped on the bed but as soon as you tell her to get off she does. She's totally happy being either on the couch or on the floor on her dog bed, but I know she would love it if she was allowed on the couch, and if you don't mind the company, she'd love to sleep in the bed with you. But, she's also fine on her bed in her crate. Speaking of crate, she goes "in her house" no problem when you tell her to. But, we are working on longevity. She goes in no problem, but if she's alone for longer than 30 or so minutes, and she knows your nearby, she'll cry. But, if you leave the house, she's fine. It's just if she knows you're there she wants to be with you. (Must be a side effect of spending her life alone in her castle surrounded by her flying monkies... Now she just wants her human companionship). I think if you don't want her to be a crate dog she doesn't need to be (except when leaving the house in the beginning, for her safety as she's getting to know the lay of the land, as with any new dog). She won't cause mischief. But if you do want her to be, she's perfectly capable of that as well.

She hasn't had a single potty accident. Not one. Not anywhere. She walks nicely on her leash. She'll stretch out to look at something if she's interested in it, but if you tell her "walk with me" she'll correct herself and walk next to you with a loose leash.

She hops like a deer. It's hilarious. She'll do some zoomies as well, but mostly when she's excited she does this funny hop up and down that's absolutely hysterical.

Let's see, what else?! Oh! Baths are no problem and car rides are no problem. She'll get in and out on her own and lifting her is also no problem. She doesn't mind and since she's on the smaller side it's fairly easy.

She's food motivated. Training her is and will be easy. She already knows sit. (As soon as I can get a pic of it, I'll post it... It's so funny looking but she does it so well). And, she takes the treat (even the tiniest treat) EVER SO GENTLY out of your hand. It's precious.

She likes toys. Bones, chewies, stuffies, you name it. But, she's unsure of what is hers so if another dog shows interest in what she has, she'll drop it and leave it for them. I've been spending some time trying to let her know it's okay to play with the toys. Better this way than the other way around though I think.

Overall, she's excellent. Honestly, the only reason we don't want to keep her for ourselves is for her sake. She's such a sweet and loving girl that she wouldn't get the attention she deserves here, since we have three boy dogs of our own already. She'd be good with another dog and good as an only dog as well.

She just wants a person or family who she belongs to, and they belong to her. She'll give you cuddles and even kisses! She's waiting and dreaming of you!

Thursday April 16, 2020


Does this nose make my nose look long?

Thursday April 16, 2020


I like this handsome guy so much, I just make myself appear out of nowhere. It's magic! I learned it as a small child. I only do good magic tho (most of it has to do with flying in or appearing magically out of nowhere for cuddles) since I'm a good witch (contrary to my name).

IN FACT, I've really come a long way since leaving Oz. I've discovered I REALLY like cuddles. (I know what you're thinking... The wicked witch?! Cuddles?! I know.. I barely know myself anymore.... But I guess Dorothy always had it right when she told me how much she loves to cuddle Toto) If someone else is getting a cuddle, my nose will appear within seconds between you so I can join in the cuddles. I'll also give kisses every now and then. The above pic is me just really wanting to join in the couch nap time... But I'm a good girl so I just play pretend. Glinda (foster mom) will often join me on the dog bed so I don't feel left out. I can't wait till I find my forever home! Where I'll be the lady of the house. I just love affection. I'd be great with other animals, but I have realized I like people so much, I'd be happy as a spoiled only dog as well. Either way, I'd be happy. Just let me know and I'll hop on my broom and fly on over!

Saturday April 11, 2020

Too classy for a bed fail

Bed fail? Me?! I would never.... I'm much to classy of a good witch for that nonsense.... Why does my bum feel a little chilly?!

A friend of Glinda and the Wizard flew in from Kansas to visit.... I really liked having a visitor. He reminded me of the cowardly lion. He was so kind and gentle. I just know my future mom and dad will have a brain like scarecrow (obviously cause they'll have picked me), a heart like the tin man, and the gentle kindness of cowardly lion. Just let me know, I'll fly over to you asap!

Wednesday April 8, 2020

Warming up Munchkin land



I'm really warming up to this munchkin land farm. At first I wasn't sure about much. I wanted so badly to prove I'm a good witch and not a wicked witch, that I just kept clear of anything. But these munchkins seem to really like me and so does Glinda and the Wizard (foster parents). So, I'm welcoming their affection now. I actually have started following them so I can get pets. In the land of Oz race track, I was "wicked" so I wasn't first in line for the people's affection. But now, I like it. SEE I'm such a good witch!! The other day I was feeling confident, so I flew on my broom, over to the couch and laid my head on Glinda's lap. It was so nice. But I'm a good girl so I got off the couch when she told me to (but she let me stay a while cause I think she liked my cuddles too). I dream of when I travel down the yellow brick road to my forever home in emerald city. I will be a good witch and stay off the couch if you want, but it sure would be nice if I could be allowed on it. I sure do love it!

Monday April 6, 2020

Super. Model. Spell cast.

I'm telling you ..... The resemblance is uncanny. "I put a spell on you... Cause you're mine!... Do do do do do do do..."

Monday April 6, 2020

Supposed mythical creatures...

So... In the land of Oz race track, there was this legend we all used to talk about... A mythical creature I never thought I'd see.... Today, I saw something... Glinda and the Wizard (foster parents... Not sure of their names...) Have a neighbor with the mythical creature I never thought I'd see.... Let me introduce to you all......

A horse of a different color!!!!!! 😲😲😲😲 I wasn't too phased by him tho... Just in awe... But I did sing him my own little song about defying gravity. (Side note.... Look how cute my ears are tho...)

Wednesday April 1, 2020

Following the yellow brick road

Hello everyone. I'm Witchy (racing name Wicked Witch) although I'm pretty sure I was named before anyone ever knew me personally. I'm not wicked at all! I've had quite the journey down the yellow brick road from my track to Nashville over the past few days and met so many new characters! Some grown people, some new hounds, and even munchkins they call "pugs". I'm being kind to them all since I'm a little unsure about them all. But they are giving me treats, sharing with me, and even playing with me. But I'm just watching first cause it's all so new. There are so many things I've never seen before! Something tells me, I'm not in Florida anymore. I've decided in this new place, I'd never dream of using the restroom inside, won't tear anything up, won't be aggressive toward anyone (though I will let the munchkin pugs know that my bed is my bed, and my food is my food) because I want to show them all, I'm not a wicked witch. I love it when the people here walk me on my leash around their farm. That's when I do all my potty business. The people are nice and let me sleep in my crate in their room. For the first few nights I wasn't so sure. I really missed my old friends, my race track, my flying monkys, my castle, and my sister Nessa (ya know.... Witch of the east). So, I cried a little. But I'm getting used to everyone here and have stopped crying. I've discovered I like treats and being petted. Sometimes I still get a little nervous though, so I'll pace around until I finally walk over. A girl can never be too sure about all these new characters in this land. I'm telling you, who'd have thought?! .... Me, The kindest witch in the west, hanging out on... A farm?! I do remember Dorothy telling me she loved her farm in Kansas though, so I'll give it a chance. Anyways, nice to meet you all! I'll keep you updated on my adventures as I wait for my grandest adventure of all.... The trip down the yellow brick road to my forever home! I'm waiting to meet you! I just know you'll be kind, gentle, loving, patient, and want to cuddle me! Hope to meet you soon! -Witchy (p.s.... look how pretty I am!)

This is me hanging out with the munchkin they call "Moose" and the hound they call "Ultra". Ultra is handsome... He reminds me of Fiyero. But I think they were confused when they named the munchkin "Moose"....

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