401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Greg Klein & Randall Ratley

Sunday March 29, 2020

Settling in

Hi everyone!

My name is Tasha though some people call me Red Sparrow too. Until a few weeks ago I was a working girl running races at the track in Florida. Then all of the sudden I got whisked away to Nashville. Since I can’t sing, I guess I’m done working and need to figure out this retirement thing. Luckily, I have two other hounds and a couple humans teaching me. So far so good. I get along with everyone in the house. I don’t like squirrels the are in the yard and plan on catching one to teach them a lesson. The only other thing I don’t like is what the humans call a bath. That water hose scared me. I’ll be checking in often to let you know what’s going on in my life

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