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Monday September 28, 2020


Tasha had been afraid to go for a walk. Loud motorcycle spooked her and even a dog barking. I had my son bring his hound Farley over and she happily went for a walk with them. Without their company she would only go out in the yard. But, this morning with a few treats as incentive, we walked a short distance down the alley and she did her business... and then made a beeline back to the house. We are making progress and I'm sure she will once again be her confident self.

Friday September 25, 2020

Missed her

Look how pretty she is. But a little more serious than before. I was her foster mom, a few months ago and since then she has been bounced around . Now, I have her back and am glad to care for her again. She is not very confident and I'm wondering what happened to her. We will figure it out.

Tuesday September 1, 2020


She can sit, stay, and smile!

Sunday August 30, 2020

Tasha just moved foster homes and is doing great with the transition. This sweet girl is quick to make herself at home anywhere! She’s spends all day following us around the house (especially when we are in the kitchen). She has went up and down the steep stairs in our house without an issue!

Wednesday May 20, 2020

Treat Time

Tasha likes it when Farley comes to visit. Farley is an older male hound that belongs to my son. He is pretty chill, and doesn't care at all about being the alpha. They shared watermelon out of the same bowl with no problem. I think Farley has also shown Tasha how to be better behaved when walking on a leash.

I don't think she will qualify for the roach olympics, but she keeps trying and training.

I was reading some other blogs and it seems I should be providing some practical information... so: she doesn't have any problem going up or down stairs, or walking on hardwood floor. I haven't been able to teach her to sit; I think I need another person to help convince her rear to head south. She is pretty good on leash, rarely pulls, but given the chance will cross back and forth in front of you which could be a tripping hazard, or at the least annoying. She loves going for walks at Shelby Park. She gobbles her food and I'm thinking about getting one of the bowls with the ridges that make it harder for them to gulp too much at one time. Her vocabulary: Tasha, wait, no, walk, car, hungry, come, and of course: Treat.

Saturday May 16, 2020


See that bump at the top of the stairs? Tasha is waiting for me. The game is that I will sit down on the top stair and scratch behind her ears. Then, she will flop over on her side so I can give her a good belly rub. She taught me how to play this game.

Tuesday May 12, 2020

I'm ready to Explore!

Tasha has been with me for a couple of weeks now and we are really getting to know one another. Greyhounds have a lot of the same traits, but they also have different personalities. Tasha was very timid initially, but is coming out of her shell and I have to make sure that I maintain my alpha position.

She does take the lead when she wants to wake me up in the morning. First, I feel a cold wet nose somewhere on my body. If that isn't enough, I feel sweet licks, usually on my feet. Next comes a foghorn, but not too loud. If none of those techniques work, she goes for DefCon 4 = barking. That works, and by that time I'm usually laughing so she knows I'm awake.

Sometimes she invites her friends for a sleepover.

Saturday April 25, 2020

Looking guilty

Someone must be trying to frame me. This pink bunny exploded near me and my foster sister told dad that I did it. If you look at my eyes you can tell how innocent I am. I do love a good squeakie stuffed animal to play with but I’d never want to hurt them.

Saturday April 18, 2020


Here I am lounging around enjoying the great outdoors. I’m not a fan of rain, so I was happy we got a sunny day today for me to lay out.

Sunday April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

To know your enemy, you must be the enemy. I’m trying to infiltrate the bunny colony so I can finally catch one. I’m what you call a high prey hound. I love chasing anything that moves. My current back yard has plenty of birds, squirrels and other critters. It’s great exercise that gets me off the comfy bed a few times a day.

Sunday April 5, 2020

No space issues here

Here I am with my foster brother. He was in bed while foster dad was working from home and I decided there was room for me. Luckily he’s a pretty chill dude. My foster sister told me to back off when I tried to get in her bed so I did. Everyone says I am settling in well. I haven’t had any accidents in the house. I can get up and down the stairs to outside. I gladly go to my crate and eat my dinner there. The only time I hear “NO” is when my nose gets the best of me and I feel the need to investigate things on the table or counter. I’ve really enjoyed this retirement thing and I’m ready to find my forever home

Thursday April 2, 2020

Recovery Time

I knew something was up this morning when I didn’t get to eat breakfast. I thought maybe we were going to Waffle House when I jumped in the car but foster dad drove right past it. He pulled into this parking lot and I had a little reunion with some buddies that I came to Nashville with last week. Then things got crazy. A bunch of people in scrubs were around me and then I got some things that made me really sleepy. When I woke up I had a micro chip in me, my teeth and ears were cleaned and they said I was fixed. I didn’t know I was broken but I have a scar where they fixed me. The vet lady said I was super cute and very brave all day. I’m home now and just wanna sleep. I think I’ll be moving slow for a bit but am sure I’ll be back to my curious active self in no time.

Sunday March 29, 2020

Settling in

Hi everyone!

My name is Tasha though some people call me Red Sparrow too. Until a few weeks ago I was a working girl running races at the track in Florida. Then all of the sudden I got whisked away to Nashville. Since I can’t sing, I guess I’m done working and need to figure out this retirement thing. Luckily, I have two other hounds and a couple humans teaching me. So far so good. I get along with everyone in the house. I don’t like squirrels the are in the yard and plan on catching one to teach them a lesson. The only other thing I don’t like is what the humans call a bath. That water hose scared me. I’ll be checking in often to let you know what’s going on in my life

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