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Monday June 1, 2020

Liking the cage

Expert REALLY likes his cage. He especially likes to pile up his nesting material and use the shelf to rest his head. He has never had an accident--and happily stays in when we are away.

We had our 5 grandchildren over to visit recently--ages 13 to 9 months. While he enjoyed running in the yard with the older ones, EXPERT took a special liking to little PAXTON.

Sunday April 26, 2020

Bed fail

Morning in the living room. Huge bed.

Same bed. Off different side!

Sunday April 26, 2020

Wonderfully calm boy!

Expert has settled in well. He enjoys lounging on the poof while we binge watch a few series! He has learned to take it easy in his retirement.

Saturday April 25, 2020

At A New Home

Rachel and I are thrilled to welcome a new friend to the home. We've had expert for about 4 days now and he is settling in very well. He loves his cage and enjoys staying there throughout the night. He is also a real VELCRO boy who wants to follow us from room to room! He is also very curious, checking out almost everything in the house.

He's loving the warmer weather and the chance to stay on the back porch with Rachel. We are working on the "magic screen door!" EXPERT has been great to go outside for his business. He tried to mark a few places--but was quickly corrected and hasn't repeated that since the first day.

He REALLY loves to stay snuggled up on one of the beds we have throughout the house. He and our resident 'coon hound' only had one mild disagreement about who got the bed first!

On our first walk around the neighborhood, WHAT should decide to run from under a bush and make a run right toward us! YES! THE EASTER BUNNY! It was a great thing that I had him on a very short lead!

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