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Sharon Eschrich

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Sharon Eschrich

Thursday March 12, 2020

Getting back to normal

Tess was happy to get back home after the tornado. We stayed at the house for two nights without electricity, but then it got too cold and we went to stay with my son.

Here's Tess keeping warm in front of the fire.

Saturday February 15, 2020

I call her Tess

This is just one of many sleeping positions Tess takes in her bed. Sometimes her head is off, sometimes her bottom is off. Sometimes she roaches or half-roaches. She can also do the shrimp. We have been working on walking politely on a leash. Problem is she is just so interested in the world around her she sometimes forgets her lessons.

So why do I call her Tess? Because I don't think she is at all "testy" as in: easily irritated, impatient, grumpy or bad tempered!

Tess and her bunny friend. Peaceful now, but not so much when she starts squeaking her BFF and throwing it around. No injuries noted.

Here's Tess the lap dog. Good thing my son has a big lap. She is lovable. We are still working on manners, like not doing the door dash, trying to get out before I do. One of the things I love about her is her ability to make me laugh out loud at some of her antics.

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