401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Tuesday February 4, 2020

Sleeping Beauty

Riley here with a picture of me doing absolutely nothing, but fabulously! I am pretty happy with this big bed. It gives my foster brother a chance to take the crate, which I usually run back to when he gets in. I’ve also discovered stuffies and play time. No one here plays with me so I make my own fun. I have invited everyone to play. The hounds just ignore me. I even try the cat thing but he yells at me. I get scared but I try anyway. A lot.

I love retirement. I love this boy and I love the little furries here. I already go potty outside when I’m told, answer to my name, crate up when asked, walk away from stuff I shouldn’t have, and I mostly stay out of the kitchen. I would like to get up on the furniture but I’m not allowed. Lastly I love the treats I get when it’s nighttime. To my new family, whoever you are, please give me belly rubs and treats before bed. Don’t I sound like a good girl? I try to be.

Sunday February 2, 2020

Looking for my people

I just got here, but I’m wasting no time. Good thing I memorized the Good Dog Checklist on the drive. I’m already working on my manners. Foster mom tells me I’m a really good dog because when I’m uncertain about something, I lay down and allow her to show me what she wants. I’m glad she noticed that I aim to please. I’m sleeping off the excitement of meeting the non-dogs that live here. They dart around and sometimes jump out of things. I can’t make sense of them so I watch them a lot. I have been told to “leave it.” I can’t disobey a human, besides, I love being with people more. When I come to them, I often give one or two soft little kisses and bury my head into them. Besides being lovable, I’m entertaining. When a person approaches my kennel, I spin around and around until they get to me. And in case you wanted one, I‘m a sleeping beauty. My very first night I whimpered lightly twice and then went right to sleep. I need to figure out the routine here, I guess. Being considerate, I awoke at 4 am to help everyone start the day off right, with a good dose of greyhound love. They didn’t seem as excited as I expected. I tried again at 7 and that worked just right. I hate to brag . . Well that’s not exactly true, but the point is, I’m pretty special. I walk fine on all floors, check my look in the mirror (not bad), go potty only outside, and help people feel loved. I’m going to save some accomplishments for next time, but I just checked off a dozen things on the Good Dog Checklist. Now someone, come kiss me then please change the channel to Animal Planet.

See my expectant expression? I’m a puppy so I’m always ready for fun. I love to run, play with stuffies, and if your cat is bored, I can make stuff happen! I guess cats love to run, too. I wouldn’t hurt anything—even those non-dogs. But I love to play with them. They’re so cute! I keep hearing a spitting noise but I’m too fast to get slapped. Then something scary happened—the sky inside opened up and it rained on me! I can’t find rain making in the Good Dog list. And foster mom yelled at me. It was awful. I will try not to make it rain anymore and I’ll try not to chase the non-dog next time. Even though I got in trouble I love being a pet. You never know what will happen. Like that gorgeous dog who hangs out on the bedroom door. We could be sisters! And this great hedgehog And my favorite— people to love. Foster mom just came to tell me how good I am now that I’m not chasing. I laid my head in her hands so she’d know I still love her. Sometimes humans need that. I’ll write you tomorrow. Now that I’ve got everyone up, it’s time for my nap.

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