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Sharon O'Neill

Friday February 14, 2020

Come See Me!

Hi friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be at the meet and greet tomorrow, so please come see me! And oh yeah, it will be my birthday, so please bring copious amounts of ear scritches and treats! I can’t think of anything I would want more for my second birthday! Except for maybe my forever home! Xoxo, Roxy ❤️

Sunday February 9, 2020

Week One-Coming out of my Shell

Hi guys! Roxy here! I'm a little shy, but I know I need to come out of my shell and write a blog post so you can get to know me! I came to Nashville last Saturday. I travelled with 9 other dogs, including my 2 litter mates, Rock and Riley. It was all a little overwhelming. The last week has been filled with learning all types of new things. Steps, jumping in and out of cars, sleeping on beds, treats-everything is going pretty good I guess, I just need a little encouragement and positive reinforcement from time to time. Here I am striking my prettiest pose at the meet and greet. My foster mom and dad thought a harness might work well for me since I am a tad timid in new situations. It seems to be working well for me so far!

My favorite thing about retirement so far is comfy beds! They feel so good on my bones! I also like treats, ear scratches, and being told how pretty I am. I’m pretty easy to please.

I also really like the company of my foster brother Fox. Foxie and Roxy! We’re adorable! He’s a little indifferent about me sometimes, but I really have learned a lot about how to be a house resident from him. I’m really trying hard. And...there are these small fluffy creatures, mom calls them kitty cats. She told me to “leave it” one time and I haven’t looked at them since! I think I could be friends with one someday.

I’d like to show you this last picture for 2 reasons. Number one: I think I would be ok with a small human in my new home. As long as they had good manners and respected my space, I know I could be a good friend to them. And number 2-I hate to brag-but look at how striking my Roman nose is! My mom says it’s a special feature that I should be proud of!

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