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Kimberly & Kevin Marsh

Will & Megan Cammack

Saturday January 25, 2020

Race No More

No more races 4 me! I’m on my way to Nashville to find a home.

Finn has taken to retirement like a the honey bee takes to the spring flowers. He is the complete package. Not only curious and playful but loyal and sweet. He loves to be near to his human friends and will even come seeking snuggles. Toys were immediately a favorite. Finn loves to throw them up into the air and wriggle his head around. Check out that perfectly white tipped tail!

He is also a fearless doggo who went right up and down the stairs without hesitation first try. You can see him (pictured) so curious about the bath tub that he hopped right in. He's a very smart guy and a quick learner.

Finn's foster sister, Phoebe, is showing him the ropes of retirement and teaching him to have good house manners. He likes to boss her around though! Finn is ready to find a home and keep his family laughing with his goofy personality.

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