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Thursday November 14, 2019

Won’t you be my human?

Mike here being my adorable self to say, everyone needs this much cute in their day. Foster mom says it’s update time because I’m doing so well. I’m not the first hound to say she’s REALLY easy to please but I’ll take an A grade wherever I can get it!

Nice pillows, yeah? So report time: I am confident in all kinds of floors, love to explore, and I’m curious. I’m young so exploring is part of my job! I do love to look at my gorgeous self. Okay. Foster mom says that’s too egotistical. Why am I always being reined in? More about me. you ask? I never potty in the house. I quietly go to the door so don’t forget to watch me so you know I’m ready! I crate reluctantly and perfectly. I just know that’s my resting spot. I sleep in any crate without making a peep from 10 - 530. Foster mom says she hates time change. What’s the big deal? I didn’t even fuss when we switched to the bedroom cloth crate. I just went to bed. Here comes my favorite Mike fact: I love food and treats. I love love love them. Adoptive family, please buy me a Kong and fill it with peanut butter. If you have to have a cat, could you please make it a nice one. This cat is super bossy. I run away but sometimes I still run into a tiger, a monstrous tiger with fangs and talons! Foster mom says I’m exaggerating. Okay it’s just a cat. But it’s a mean cat. To a curious boy like me it takes a few “encounters” to learn to “leave it.” Speaking of, I mostly remain “Out of the kitchen” like I should and if I break the rule, I leave as soon as you tell me. Foster mom says, I’m a really good boy. I’m loving but not clingy. I’m happy all the time unless you leave the room and forget me! I’ll remind you do you can fix it. How’s that? Foster mom doesn’t think I continue to whine after she leaves. I am quiet when she comes back. I’ve only stayed alone with my hound friends two hours at a time so far. I like other hounds but I don’t always use grown-up manners. They tell me what I need to know or Foster Mom shows me what’s okay so I don’t get yelled at. If I’ll have hound brothers and sisters my new family will need to help me until I’m an accepted member of my own new pack. Whew. I’m tired after all this bragging. I’ll bring you more cow dog adorableness next time. Mike out.

Monday November 11, 2019

Handsome young pup

Mike Here with new stuff to share with you. I’m making new friends to help me learn this pet thing. You can never have too many friends, right? And it’s a really good day if they’ll hold your head up for you so you can relax.

I’ve been here just a day and I’m already beginning to relax. I was stressed at first. It takes me a while to feel settled and if I’m not, I’m in perpetual motion. But look at me now! I’m resting and nobody made me. I’m pretty much still a baby so I like having something to do most of the time.

Dear forever family, please buy me a red rubber thing filled with lots of peanut butter ‘cause it makes me really happy. I’ll reward you with some super good leans. While I’m placing orders, could you get me a cat that doesn’t spit or slap? I kind of like these furries ‘cause I’m SO curious. But all of a sudden my favorite cat spit on me and he even bopped my nose. That’s not very polite! I’m a guest here. Mean kitty.

Tuesday November 5, 2019

I really love my foster brother!

When I first got here, my foster brother thought I was a little much, but I’ve slowly made friends with him and learned about sharing! I give him his space so that sometimes he’ll let me share his space with him.

I also get really excited when I see him out the window coming back from his walk because I know that means I’m next!

Tuesday October 29, 2019

Bed Fail Montage

And a cute teefer pic for good measure!

Monday October 28, 2019

We Like Mike

Oh, hey! I'm Mike. I like long walks through the neighborhood, warm snuggles with toys, and sniffing all of the new things. I also very much enjoy looking at myself in the mirror (wouldn't you if you were as handsome as me?).

My foster people say I am very silly, and my foster brother had to teach me who is the boss, but once I learned that I am here to share, we started getting along really well. Well, he mostly sleeps a lot and I like to play play play, but that's ok with both of us.

I definitely know my name, and I like to come to whatever human is calling it. I like the pets and I like it when they let me come with them wherever they are going. But I also like my crate, so I'm pretty much a great boy all around, don't you think?

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