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Friday December 27, 2019

Two-month Foster Update

Hey, y’all! Addie here to say I’ve officially been a Nashville resident and foster hound for two whole months. Foster mom wanted to let me give an update on what I’ve been up to and what I’ve learned.

I didn’t have a great first impression of this foster life when the people vetted me and trimmed my twinkle toes. I did NOT enjoy that. Foster mom practices picking up my feet every day so I’ll learn to be more comfortable having them handled. For now, I have to be picked up to have my nails trimmed. Rude.

As you can see, I took to toys like a fish to water. I love the squeaky ones especially. But don’t worry! I won’t destroy them. I mostly fling them around and even play fetch with them if I’m in the mood.

I’ve been on several home visits, but my foster mom said they just weren’t matches. Home visits are hard work because it takes me a little longer to decide if the people are worthy of my love. Once I decide though, I’m yours. I can be very cuddly and don’t even think about making a move without me following. Foster mom calls me a “Velcro Hound”...whatever that means.

Also on the topic, I’d be very happy as an only hound (my foster mom says I crate perfectly even when my foster brother isn’t there to keep me company) or with an existing pack. However, I’m the boss lady and intend on keeping that title.

I stayed with some nice folks for Thanksgiving and Christmas but let me tell you: their hardwood floors were SCARY. I think I’d prefer my forever family to have lots of plushy carpet or numerous runners for my flight path around the house. Else, ima back myself around. Foster mom said backing up on hardwood floors still counts as walking on them but I beg to differ.

Speaking of begging...I do that too.

Well, that just about does it for now. Me and my exceptionally bald booty is going to get back to napping.

Monday December 16, 2019

I love to give hugs

Addie is shy when meeting new people but once she warms up to you, boy, is she a lover!

She says that foster brother makes a good head rest.

Sunday December 8, 2019

I’m a sweetie!

Addie loves to come up to me and lay her head on my lap so I can give her some ear scratches. She’s so sweet!

Addie met some nice folks at the meet and greet yesterday! She took a long nap when we got home.

Thursday December 5, 2019

I love all the toys

As you can see, Addie likes to nap with a variety of toys within easy reach.

Monday November 25, 2019

A perfect mixture of sass, spunk, and sweetness

While this may be the cutest picture you’ve seen all day, it doesn’t show how many times little miss has stolen my resident hound’s bed. The queen loves her memory foam!

Friday November 22, 2019

Happy 4th Birthday, Addie!

Addie is a smart, sassy, knows-what-she-wants hound who turns four today!

Monday November 18, 2019

Am I cat-safe?

...the answer is yes, yes she is.

We know who’s really in charge though (hint: it’s the fluffy creature).

Sunday November 17, 2019

Busy weekend!

Addie had a busy weekend of playing in between home visits. She’s still waiting for her perfect fit...maybe that’s you?!

Addie is a collector of toys and clothes. If you leave something on the floor it’s fair game to this lady!

Tuesday November 12, 2019

Addie’s first snow

Addie is obsessed with water and it even extends to snow. I thought she’d quickly do her business today, but she took her time trying to eat as much snow as possible.

I had to dress her in two jackets due to the weather. Isn’t she adorable?!

While Addie hasn’t “roached” yet, she does demonstrate a variety of other sleeping positions such as the “shrimp.”

Thursday November 7, 2019

I’m going on a home visit!

Addie’s going on her first home visit this Saturday! She says she must be well hydrated in order to make a greyt first impression.

Wednesday November 6, 2019

Wanna-be squirrel hunter

Addie loves her walks especially when she sees squirrels!

Monday November 4, 2019

A gourmet dinner for me, please!

Addie hasn’t had the biggest appetite, so I’ve started giving her ground beef/liver with a Greek yogurt garnish on top of her kibble. She loves it even though it doesn’t sound appetizing to me!

This is how she lets me know she wants cuddles. How cute is that?!

P.S. we played fetch today...which is unusual for a greyhound!

Saturday November 2, 2019

Meet and greet success!

Addie attended her first meet and greet today. She did great! She met a lot of people and other hounds. She especially liked when people would kneel down to pet her. After all, she does have a lot of love to give!

We also took a walk around Home Depot before the meet and greet. Addie caught the attention of many children so it’s safe to say she does great with them!

Thursday October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

While Addie’s not trick or treating tonight, she is collecting all the toys! She likes to take them out of the toy box one at the time and play a little with each one. It’s very cute!

As you can see, Addie’s great at sharing beds! Her foster brother, however, reluctantly agreed.

Wednesday October 30, 2019

Some rain won’t bring me down...

Addie gets so excited when I come home from work. She even grunts when she’s especially happy. I tell her she has to pause her happy dance just long enough for me to put her martingale on!

Some hounds like to get up at 5am...but not this girl! She wakes up when I do, and she’ll come over to me tail wagging ready for some pets.

Tuesday October 29, 2019

I’m a Wonder Woman!

Addie’s future forever family is going to be so lucky to have her! She’s so easy— she has great potty manners, sleeps well, and is quiet in her crate. I think she’d be perfect as a first hound or as a chip! Wherever I go, she goes (and I may get some kisses from her in the process).

She’s been snoozing with her toy. She’s definitely taking this with her when she finds a forever family!

Monday October 28, 2019

Winning the foster game

Addie is such a joy! This photo is a little grainy but I wanted to share the first time she discovered the joy of toys. She loves to toss the rope toy around, and I think she could learn how to play fetch with it.

She loves walks! We do need to practice walking on a loose leash, but that will come in time. As you can see, she likes to be in front! By the way, don’t you just love her black-white-black-white tail markings?!

I didn’t get a picture, but Addie mastered the stairs on the first try! She got a little nervous halfway up, but she powered through like a champ. All that’s left is learning how to jump in the car.

Sunday October 27, 2019

“I’ll love you forever if you scratch my ears”

Addie has a great personality. Here’s some things I’ve discovered so far:

1. She LOVES getting her ears scratched. It’s the only time she’s still (when she’s not asleep, that is).

2. She’s follows me everywhere. If you’re looking for a hound that will accompany you to the bathroom, “help” you cook, or is just up for adventuring, Addie’s your girl.

3. She’s playful! She hasn’t discovered toys yet but she tries to play with me and her foster brother when we’re outside.

4. She knows her name. Even though her registered name is Lynda Carter, she responds to Addie...wish I knew the backstory there!

5. She’s beautiful with an outgoing (slightly sassy) personality to match!

She wants to be anywhere her people are!

Addie also went to her first meet and greet today at a brewery. She received a lot of attention! When she saw something she was interested in, she’d hop straight off the ground— it was very cute!

To finish off the evening, Addie enjoyed her dinner in her crate. She’s a much slower eater than her foster brother— no rushing for this girl!

Saturday October 26, 2019

Welcome to Nashville, Lynda Carter!

Today has been a busy day for this lady! To start her day, Addie (her kennel name) took a 3 hour ride to Nashville from Birmingham with 7 of her friends. She was then vetted (which she did not enjoy so she had to be held) before heading to her foster home. I’m happy to report that she had a peaceful meeting with the resident feline before thoroughly checking out her new digs. She even had her first bed-fail!

An elevator AND hardwood floors?! No problem!

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