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Sunday February 2, 2020

Snuggle Friends

Hi, it’s Shane! Here is a picture of me snuggling my foster brother. We both love the crate (or maybe the bed that the hoomans put in there), so we finally decided we can share it and snuggle together. Archie (my foster brother) knows I’m not feeling the best, so he lets me rest on him and helps me find the best toys. Overall, today is a happy day!!

Wednesday January 29, 2020

Big Day

I had a very big day today. I went to see a doctor who checked out my leg. He said a lot of things I really don’t understand, and then I got to come home for a fun trachea treat. As you can see, I was ready for a long nap after that. I really love the way the hoomans spoil me.

Monday January 27, 2020

Snuggle Buddy

Well, it’s official: I love stuffies. I discovered a pink flamingo with a squeaker this morning and decided to dig a little more in the toy basket. When I spotted this Christmas goose, it was love at first sight! I’m taking it with me everywhere—my crate, the kitchen, and this big napping spot. Christmas goose says he loves me too. Look at us snuggling!!

Wednesday January 8, 2020

New House!

To get me ready for surgery, the hoomans moved me to a new foster house yesterday. As you can see, I am incredibly upset by it. (Just kidding—I don’t get upset about much stuff at all!!)

I moved in early yesterday afternoon and have already adapted to the resident hound’s schedule and vibe. We get along like we’ve known each other since training school, and the new hoomans say I’m such a sweet man that they can’t imagine moving me again. (Which is cool with me because I’m not a big fan of riding in cars.)

Wednesday January 8, 2020

Silly Thief

I found a beef bone and it’s fun to chew on. I also found a bird toy on an end table and played with it. Foster Lady told me that the bird toy wasn’t dog appropriate, and took it away from me. I’m having a great time, now that I’ve settled into the routine.

Sunday January 5, 2020


I’m back! I went to a really great home, but it just didn’t work out, so now I’m back. Foster lady says I’m a good boy, but need to relearn a few things. Like how to keep my nose off the counters and how to WAIT before coming to the door. I found a nice dog bed, after meeting the resident pack. Foster lady has something called a shepherd, and I barked at it, because I didn’t know what it was. She also has something called a parrot, and it told me NO when I put my nose on its cage. Literally, it sounded just like Foster Lady. It wore me out, so I decided a nap might be in order. Oh, and Foster Lady is calling me Train, because I answer to it.

Tuesday October 29, 2019

2nd Day Update

Met another little kid today! Really enjoying people and kids - loving the attention❣️

Have gotten to explore my foster home - learned the word No when checking out stuff on counters - I stopped real fast and foster mom was good with that. Foster mom had to go to work and I hung out in my crate until she came home - I was a good boy and got a lot of praise when she came back.

Sunday October 27, 2019

My First 24 Hours...

My name is Making Time but I am going by my call name - Shane. Been an exciting last 24 hours for me! This is me on my way to my foster home where I got to meet kids (like them a lot!) and met 4 other dogs including a fellow greyhound. Foster mom said she’s proud of me for being so good and calm with these new things....

Enjoying my time with kids!

Taking a rest after tackling steps and wooden floors - check them off the list - passed with flying colors😊

I love to be petted and will push my face and chin on you to get more. I’m not too sure of my name but I sure wag my tail to see somebody and to get attention.

Doesn’t me and my foster brother look like a set of bookends?

After a looong day - I was pretty content to relax and nap. Last night I slept in my crate with a bunch of blankets and never made any noises and slept all night through!

Oh yeah - forgot to say have gone this whole time in my foster home with no accidents - yay me!!!

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