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Karen Daus

Tuesday October 29, 2019

2nd Day Update

Met another little kid today! Really enjoying people and kids - loving the attention❣️

Have gotten to explore my foster home - learned the word No when checking out stuff on counters - I stopped real fast and foster mom was good with that. Foster mom had to go to work and I hung out in my crate until she came home - I was a good boy and got a lot of praise when she came back.

Sunday October 27, 2019

My First 24 Hours...

My name is Making Time but I am going by my call name - Shane. Been an exciting last 24 hours for me! This is me on my way to my foster home where I got to meet kids (like them a lot!) and met 4 other dogs including a fellow greyhound. Foster mom said she’s proud of me for being so good and calm with these new things....

Enjoying my time with kids!

Taking a rest after tackling steps and wooden floors - check them off the list - passed with flying colors😊

I love to be petted and will push my face and chin on you to get more. I’m not too sure of my name but I sure wag my tail to see somebody and to get attention.

Doesn’t me and my foster brother look like a set of bookends?

After a looong day - I was pretty content to relax and nap. Last night I slept in my crate with a bunch of blankets and never made any noises and slept all night through!

Oh yeah - forgot to say have gone this whole time in my foster home with no accidents - yay me!!!

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