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Sunday September 15, 2019

I hope Showman's not making this face because he doesn't like my driving!

Very quiet first night. Not a peep at all.

He's very busy. Curious about everything, but not in a destructive way. Just a sniff and moves right on to the next thing. Way too interested in my lunch so having to crate him at meal time. He'll figure it out. The resident greys told him he wouldn't be getting any people food here, but he's gonna have to learn on his own. Not greyt on the leash yet. Quite a bit of fishtailing, but again, he's very interested in taking it all in at the same time. He does crate very well. Obviously doesn't have a clue about treats, but he's figuring it out.

I'm a typical grey boy at meal time.

I'm sorry, but I just had to take a pic of Showman's butt. It has no bald spots. Zero. Nads. None. A hairy backside. A rarity in the grey world.

I cannot get over the beautiful coat on this guy. Showman is truly a beautiful greyhound.

We are doing better on the leash. We've had a couple of wet accidents in the house, but that comes with time, everyone learning body language and schedules.

He could care less about the cats, chickens, ducks, small resident canine. Gets along greyt with the resident hounds. Enjoys any attention from any human, no matter the size. Have yet to hear him bark, growl or whine. Crates beautifully.

I did find a half eaten knitting needle this morning. So glad it wasn't attached to some yarn. He has learned about toys, and he likes them. He just can't tell his from mine yet. We'll get there!

Here's his pretty face! Pretty Showman!

How does the old song go? "What a difference a day makes?" The Showman that is hanging out at our house now is not at all the same dog I brought home from the haul. By golly, he's finally gotten this retirement thing going. It took him a hot little minute to figure out that he didn't have to be DOING something 24/7. But he's figured it out. He does love a good toy toss, and he's still very curious about things. But he's also learned that FM does not sit much and that it can be exhausting following her around all the time. So he is okay hanging out on the dog bed with his current favorite toy.

Showman shows no interest in harming anything smaller than him, be it dog, cat, chicken or duck. Except a squirrel. I think he thinks he could take one of those. He is turning into a lovely hound and given a bit more time, will make the perfect companion.

There's something going on, I can it. A different vibe from FM this morning. She said said something about a home visit. Not sure what that is, but I'm getting excited. She said something about seeing some old friends, meeting some new friends and maybe my forever family. Who knows? Today may be the day!

Well, I didn't get chosen yesterday, but FM says that's just fine. She loves me a lot and has lots of patience with me. All in all, yesterday was a rough day and I was glad to get home and get a bath and rest. Just chillin' today, waiting for the kiddo to get back home. I feel a Sunday afternoon nap coming on!

I wasn't chosen today. Home visits are fun, but I'm exhausted. FM is so glad to see me come back. I know I'm loved.

FM says she gives up on trying to keep me off the couch. I would be the one NOT looking at the camera. Whoever wants me, whoever I end up with, they are going to have to share the couch.

I've gotten brave. Or maybe pretty sure FM knows she has lost the furniture battle. Heart is so nice to share her couch with me.

On my way to a home visit, which turned out to be my forever home! FM is going to miss me, but she's happy for me. Maybe I can come back to vacation sometime.

He's baaacccckkk! FM is so happy! You can see he's made himself right at home. He's gotten over snagging things that don't belong to him. He sleep on a dog bed in FM's bedroom last night rather than in a crate. He's being such a good boy.

Showman definitely needs to be in a home with another grey. We have two resident greys here and he lives being part of the pack.

I think it's safe to say Showman is small child safe.

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