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Mark Hubbard

Friday October 18, 2019

Gator had a friend (Stark)visit this week....what fun!

Gator had company all week.....Stark came over to visit for 4 days this week while his dad was out of town. I was so good....I shared my beds, kennel, toys and even my food without one incident. We has so much fun going on walks together, getting treats, and playing! I think I might like having a buddy all the time. My dad's ok but he is kind of boring. Stark liked to play with me and trick me to get off my bed, swipe my treats if I left them unattended.....I learned quickly not to leave my treats laying around and that we both could drink from the same bowl at the same time. We got along so well....no growling, biting or misbehaving. Sometimes I would lay my head on Stark and he like it!

Sunday September 29, 2019

Home visits are exhausting

Whew....I went to Clarksville for a home visit and came home exhausted. There were other dogs, cats and a bunch of these little people. It was fun, but very tiring. I was glad to get back and lay down in my favorite spot. I still am looking for a forever home .....but for now I'm resting up!

Saturday September 21, 2019

Visiting Grandma in Bowling Green

I enjoyed going to the Meet and Greet in Bowling Green and then to grandma's birthday party. I made a lot of new friends at PetSmart. No cake for me....but I need get to enjoy seeing my cousin Miranda! She loves me.....

Saturday September 21, 2019

Headed to Bowling Green Meet and Greet Today

I am very excited to go on a road trip to meet some new friends in Bowling Green. How exciting.....

Monday September 9, 2019

I went on a road trip.....

I got to go to Bowling Green to visit my grandma. She was nice and I was really sweet for her....I let her pet me and give me a treat. I looked around her place but was on my best behavior. I also did really well in the SUV....I was a little anxious on the way up but totally fine on the return trip. I've decided I like going for car rides....better than staying at home anyway.

Monday September 9, 2019

I'm a collector......

I love to collect things in my kennel.....like bones, shoes, remote controls, and my dads socks. I don't chew on them I just like to collect things. I am learning what is mine and what's not mine, but I really like those shoes.

Monday September 9, 2019

Settling in...

Hello. I am Investigator...but my foster human calls me "Gator". I am a really beautiful, sweet, shy boy who is settling into my new place really well. I am getting used to new foods and I'm trying to eat well but I take my time eating...no hurry for me. There are a lot of new sounds....traffic, ice machine, and some of them even come out of the walls. I don't know what "surround sound" is but I'm not a fan when there are storms or dogs barking on that contraption. I really get loud and bark at them and they eventually stop.

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