401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Robert Bandstra & Amber Bowers

Sunday October 13, 2019


Cap loves his stuffies! Especially fuzzy ones with squeakers. While he does enjoy playing with them, he mostly likes to collect and have them near him.

Oftentimes when he goes outside he takes one of his stuffies with him. He'll toss it around for a little bit and then leave it outside. He needs to learn to pick up his toys!

Cap definitely has his "favorites" that he carries around the house.

Monday September 16, 2019


Cap has been settling in very well. The outside used to make him nervous because of all the noises, but now he loves to go outside at every opportunity.

He's gone on quite a few outings at which he did very well. It's been too hot to go for long walks outside so he's gotten a chance to do some indoor adventures, like this one at Home Depot.

Of course he loved the pet store! Lots of interesting treats to sniff, and plenty of people to give him lots of love.

He'll always take a break from exploring to get some ear scratches.

Wednesday September 4, 2019

Settling In

Cap did very good at the haul, and was calm for his vetting, nail trim, and bath.

Cap was pretty nervous on his first car ride home, but he's gotten the hang of it over the past few days, and he even jumped into the car all by himself on the most recent trip.

The crate is his familiar safe place. He will go to his crate when he feels unsure about something(for example, strange noises) or sometimes just because.

When he's feeling more adventurous, comfy beds are pretty nice too!

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