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Friday August 16, 2019

Deep Thought Friday

See it, there? On the chair. Please tell me when it’s gone. When I’m adopted, and I have my own family, I’ll be really happy to leave the spitting fury behind. Ooops. Freudian slip. I meant furry. I wonder if my fear is a result of being rejected by my mother after falling in love with my absent father? Hmmm. Where’d THAT stupid idea come from? Back to the news. . . I am a big girl now! No. I haven’t gained weight. I’m becoming more confident. I go potty outside off leash. (They still cheer).

Thursday August 15, 2019

Of course, maybe, must I?

Sunday August 11, 2019


Today, I’m H-A-P-P-Y! The title of my blog is BOOM because I DID IT! Today I did everything on my own without being assisted (code for made to). I came out of my sleeping crate and followed my Foster Sister outside. I came in on my own and followed The Mom around the house. I have checked on my Foster sister in the bedroom a few times. I played with all the toys today and I keep inviting the hounds here to play, too! BOOM is right! I got this down! I just have to be brave when my Foster Boy comes home. I’m SCARED of guys. My Foster guy is kind and gentle and he feeds me treats. So far I take them and cower in the back of the kennel when they’re gone. I love the treats and I wag for him. I’ll try to trust him today. I know he likes me. If you have a soft spot for playful, less confident girls, give me a call. Uh Foster Mom just said I don’t have my own phone. I’ve got lots of other cool stuff, where’s my phone? I guess you’ll just have to email my peeps. Thank you for checking on me. I’ll see you here tomorrow for another exciting Queen update.

Saturday August 10, 2019

Holding Court

You may have noticed that I like all the greyhound moves. Sphinx or roach? Gimme’ both! Last blog I told you my secret—I’m timid about new things. I get excited to try then talk myself out of it. Foster mom says I have to try things or anxiety grows. So last night was what foster mom calls “a milestone.” I realized I’d be alone so I called her and she came for me! I walked on my own four paws to the bedroom and back this morning. Each day I learn I’m okay and I start the next next day a little less anxious. Don’t be fooled, though. I’m also super playful. I prance my way to my foster mom to be petted and give one soft kiss. Then I attack a stuffie and move on the cuddle nest where I do the “jump and pounce” until I’m tired. If you like stuffies, cuddle balls, and sleeping in, we could be best friends! But how did you learn to read? What? Excuse me. Foster Mom says I can’t invite hounds to party without permission. I was supposed to say if you’re willing to help me shed “my shell,” underneath, you’ll find I’m the best. More Queen news to come! (Psst. . . here . . . Watch for more party news, but don’t tell the mom!)

Tuesday August 6, 2019

Queen Gets Down

Sunday August 4, 2019

Queen Trivia-Potty Sets You Free

I slept all night without making a sound. Foster mom says that's a first! I LOVE coming in first! It was way after breakfast and raining but I finally went potty outside. Foster mom said “Good girl,” and something like “Good potty!” I got a treat! Boy they sure are easy to please around here!

I’ve graduated to open crate now. I discovered a cord on my adventure and foster mom brought me this furry thing instead. Every time I bite it, an animal talks somewhere nearby, but I can’t find it! Now it’s booming outside. I barked then I did what I was told, “Settle down.” I’m really starting to like this big kennel they call a house. If you’re looking for a sweet hound and you can exchange patience for love and silliness of all

Kinds, foster mom says “I’m just the ticket!” Queen signing off, but no worries, my peeps. I’ll be back with more Queen Trivia tomorrow.

Saturday August 3, 2019

Royal hound

I’ve had a long hard day but I’m loving this extra-large crate and the soft bed and the moving crate called a car. I can tell I’ve got lots to like in this big people house. I can get my belly rubbed just by wagging my tail sweetly. And I think I’ve made a good impression on the other hounds. My foster mom says I’m timid but brave. She means I don’t give up just because I’m a little reticent to do something. I hope that’s a good thing. I like pleasing people. Maybe foster mom will capture my fabulous “sit.” It’s not super common but I like to sit while I wait. I’m almost one-of-a kind. Foster mom appreciates that I haven’t whined once because she thinks we will all get to sleep well tonight. More from me later. Be happy, everyone. I am!

Friday August 7, 0201

Work in progress

Queen here. You have seen how excited I am to be retired. I LOVE my toys and I LOVE playing with other hounds! You may not know that I am a bit of a “spook.” I am afraid to do things even as I try them. My foster family does not walk me outside the fence and I am usually leash walked in the yard, too. My foster family is helping me gain confidence, so I can enjoy myself with my own special family. Stay tuned to learn about my progress. My foster mom says I will be a quick study!

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